The Gods of Light Oracle Cards

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The Gods of Light Oracle Cards



Oracle cards are sets of cards with pictures and meanings that allow one to interpret the messages of higher beings. These cards allow one to learn to trust their own intuition, as well as receive guidance from the supernatural. We have created a unique deck that helps one to examine the names and descriptions of the forces who are trying to speak to you, in the voice of the eternal. These cards possess the Lost Rune Venthanhur, which will help you connect your outer consciousness with your inner consciousness.


These cards will allow an individual to perform their own oracle reading. Each reading one performs tells a story. The Gods of Light Oracle Cards require you to read and think carefully. They provide you with a physical response from Higher powers, in regards to all aspects of life including money, love, family, etc. These cards will indicate whether a situation is inspired by forces of darkness, or that of Higher powers.


These cards work with forces such as:


The Ancestors
The Gods Of Light
Lord Ganesha
The Goddesses
The Angels
The Force Of Miracles 
The Forces Of Darkness 
The Force Of Hope
The Force Of Order
The Force Of The Jade Emperor Dragon

(5 of each)


There are 52 cards in the deck.


There is a single Thoth Trump Card and a single Thoth Ace Card—These cards represent the highest forces in the deck.


The Oracle speaks through the Voice of The Dream made flesh. You are that story, told on the lips of the Wind.


Cards are 5x7.


Price: $124.95


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14 Reviews

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    Interpreting the Oracles

    Posted by Marjhiq Ali on Sep 23rd 2023

    Hello Master and Community - I wonder if I need an attunement to be able to interpret the readings. I can only recognize the Ganesh, Jade Emperor, and Angles symbols... the rest, I'm having trouble knowing what each of them means. What other tools do I need to properly understand and interpret my new cards? God's blessings to you.

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    On the dot

    Posted by Tyson Langston on Jun 28th 2022

    Let me start off by saying this review has long over do. Now I remember my first week of getting these. One reading told me that my mom would have a lil car Wrecked after decoding the message and it happened that same week. Very amaze of these card thanks Tybro for these amazing cards

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    Gods of Light deck

    Posted by Gavrielle on Jun 17th 2022

    The Gods of Light Oracle Cards are such an underrated Tybro tool. This deck is so beautifully designed and special. I love reading through the descriptions of each of the forces that the deck feature. Namely, The Ancestors, Gods of Light, Lord Ganesha, Jade Emperor, Angels, Goddesses, Force of Miracles, Hope, Order and Darkness. I always ensure to meditate before I shuffle and work with the deck. I consult with my cards on matters big and small. I have found tremendous comfort and signs through working with the Gods of Light cards. Some really helpful times the Gods of Light have supported me were when we were contemplating to move out of state and which state we should then reside in. I very much trust my own instincts, but the cards further confirmed my inklings. I have consulted with my cards regarding relationships and there have been times where answers have been revealed in the dream state. Some of my very most important questions have been laid out with the Trump card and you just know it to be true. I had ordered a different deck after working with this and as soon as it arrived and I opened the package it just felt sooo off and the energy was off. I decided right then and there not to engage and let it go. The saying is so true – “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” I’m so thankful for this deck as it supports me and provides guidance when I need it most. Gratitude to the Gods of Light and Masters for this blessing.

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    Card moved after hitting the floor

    Posted by Dani on Jun 17th 2022

    I asked the cards a question concerning the Goddesses and one of the Goddess cards flew out to the the left on the floor and then flew again directly in front of me! I’ve had cards fly out before and even land on my nose with other decks but I’ve never seen a card hit the floor and then move again.

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    This deck works

    Posted by Joshua Smith on Mar 23rd 2022

    The Gods of Light Oracle Cards has helped the development of my intuitive abilities. It is also a powerful channel for my ancestors and higher beings to communicate with me directly and clearly. it is uncanny how clear the messages are. They get clearer with each experience! I even started to see some personality traits of the beings who regularly communicate with me. They seem to know who I need to hear from based on my emotional state at the time. If I have a question, I meditate on it and try to get answers from my higher self. When provided an answer I then use the cards to validate what I believe I have received and 10 out of 10 times I’m revealed answers or additional guidance. This deck has informed me of major events in my life it has also guided to or away from decisions. I was able to see events play out in my life to understand why I was guided in one way or another. In particular, His Eminence Jade Emperor (challenges my thinking on my path to wealth), Lord Ganesha (dedicated to removing my blocks and has no problem giving me the same response over and over until I get it), Goddess Isis (opened my heart more to love), Goddess Maat (comforts me in all things), the ancestors make regular appearances in my readings. They are prominent on my altar, and I’m humbled to know I have connected with these Divine Beings. This deck has and continues to boost my confidence in what I receive from my higher self and higher beings. It’s a must have tool, a staple. I highly recommend it.

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    Beyond great Cards

    Posted by paula geiffin on Feb 20th 2022

    Interesting cards . I use them wisely . I’ve never encounter Oracle decks of their nature before . They REALY are very different . I’m excited to have stumble across them .

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    Dr. Mitchell a Master

    Posted by Prince Balwah on Feb 17th 2022

    I bought the set. Dr. Mitchel you are a master jutax with masterful artform I have been using tarot for yes. What he has produced is simply powerful it touches the spiritual world in words in which I am in awe. My advice get the pack before it's no longer available worth every USD. I live in the UK many blessings Sir. and to truly thank you for this gift.

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    Typo oracle cards

    Posted by Paula on May 4th 2021

    I’m learning the meaning. Names etc . I like them a lot . Powerful!

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    This is a wonderful deck

    Posted by Bren Rig on Mar 31st 2021

    Every time I used this deck I am amazed at the information the it provides. The readings are right on point. For example, I wanted to know if my ancestors were receiving my offerings and doing well. I was so happy when the first card I pulled was from the ancestors. I just wanted to cry. Truly grateful and blessed for such powerful tool. Thank you Master for another wonderful tool.

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    The Gods Of Light Oracle Cards

    Posted by Hermine on Oct 20th 2019

    Artistically speaking the deck is beautiful and unusual. I enjoy working with the Oracle cards. The readings are profound, not only for myself but for others as well. Guidance has been given to me on how to use the cards for others. After I say a prayer. I allow the person to pick their own cards without touching the deck. In this way it allows the consciousness of the one who seeks an answer to become connected with the force of the gods. For me the cards feel more like a special gift rather than a mere purchase. Thank You Masters for the creation of this powerful tool of light!

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