The Gods of Luck

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Webster defines luck as: a force that brings good fortune or adversity.  We are all familiar with the workings of this force. We have all tasted both sides of its nature through sports, gambling, getting a parking space, a chance meeting that went well, finding a wallet full of money etc.  We have all been touched by luck in some form or fashion.  Webster defines the entity that is luck as a force. 
For thousands of years, mankind has worked with this force in order to make life better.  We pray to the forces that bring luck for assistance in battle, planting crops, making babies, and in many other arenas.  Some people seem to have greater luck than others in life.  Is this because they have connected with the right deity of luck?
Most of us are aware of Lady Luck (The Goddess Fortuna) and Lord Ganesha(Remover of Obstacles), but did you know that there are over 30 different gods and goddesses of luck that most of us never meet?  I believe that luck is a force and this force is controlled by a large number of entities, not just the ones that we know about.  These entities hold a vast reserve of the force of luck just waiting to be tapped. 
I have personally witnessed the action of two of these deities in my life, both with astonishing results.  I believe that the Gods of Luck are living breathing entities that are waiting to be discovered. I believe that each of us has a connection with one or more of these entities, but we never take the time to complete a thorough search on which Gods/Goddesses of Luck are waiting to help us.  Pray to the wrong one, you get nothing. Pray to the right one(s), the heavens may well open up for you. 
Waiting for blind luck to give you what you need is a bit like waiting for life to hand you its blessings on a silver platter.  Very few of us ever receive anything meaningful in this way. 
This is the very first book to list the Gods of Luck and their proper incantations.  We present to you through this work only the Gods/Goddesses that bring good luck. If you take the time to work with all of them, you may well find one or more that will help you.  Up to this point in your life, think honestly about how deeply you have looked into expanding the force of luck in your life. 
Luck matters and it is one of the defining forces of our reality.  Using this book will not guarantee you luck or a better life.  Some people deep down don’t really believe in luck and truly do not wish to be happy or successful. This is a sad but true reality. Luck cannot reach those individuals. 
However, if you clear your doubts and skeptical programming enough, you can learn to reach out to the Gods of Luck through this work. They hold limitless reserves of energy that you can learn to tap into.  Tap the right one and you can change your life in ways that you have never even considered. All they require is a little bit of your time, the right incantations, faith, and effort.
Limits only exist for those who demand them. 
The Gods of Luck is our first book on the force of luck and its potential.  It is a unique work. We are very pleased to open this energy to you and a waiting world.
Price: $2000

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10 Reviews

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    Posted by E Love on Oct 5th 2023

    I can't express how incredible this book has been for me. At a point when things were falling apart in my life – financial troubles, rent overdue, car payments looming – I came back to using this book, and it's been a game-changer. I started incorporating its teachings into my daily routine, and the transformation has been nothing short of miraculous. My luck has taken a complete turn for the better, and I'm committed to continuing my journey with this book. It's become an indispensable part of my life, and I can't recommend it enough to anyone facing challenges. I suggest getting and giving it a try, and you might just experience the same amazing results I did!

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    This Review Should Be 10 Stars!!

    Posted by R. Coates on Jun 17th 2022

    I have always believed in luck. Prior to being introduced to the Masters, I considered myself a person that could tap into luck. After reading GOL, I realized there was much more to luck than what I previously perceived. I experienced quick results when I started using this book. My focus was luck for myself and luck for our family business. When business started going very well, I first wondered if it was because I was working with GOL. After about two weeks, I realized…oh yes…using these practices is directly connected with the business. I then started using a few of the practices to help other people I care about. I didn’t say anything to them at first but after about a month, I was curious as to whether they were working. There are a few spells that can only be done on specific days or specific times of the day. I found out that the same day I worked with the book is when they received gifts from the force of luck. If you believe in luck, you need to have this in your arsenal. If you do not believe in luck, you need to open yourself to luck and then purchase the book. I have experienced/witnessed substantial lucky breaks such as commercial business opportunities. I have also experienced things that are on a smaller scale but are meaningful. Like going to the store for a hard to locate item and there is one left on the shelf. Or getting that perfect parking spot. Or my favorite…Coming up on a yellow light that literally waits until you are through the intersection before turning red

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    Gods Of Luck Keeps me Safe and Lucky

    Posted by Everet on Mar 24th 2022

    The Day I decided to purchase this book everything changed in my life. When I got the book I read through it and order the items I needed from it. The items came twice as fast than I expected. Today about 3:44 AM I lost control of my car but was able to regain control of it ALL because I use this book. I am truly grateful I started working with the Gods in this book. I am truly LUCKY. Thank You Thank You Thank you

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    The Gods of Luck

    Posted by Deborah Thurlow on Dec 11th 2021

    I got the book this week...very informative. I felt as soon as I made the decision to buy The Gods of Luck ... even more positive energy came into my life with that one action. The book is very informative and now I have a better understanding of how LUCK works.

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    I found my lucky charm!

    Posted by Germaine Worilds on Sep 26th 2021

    I haven’t even had this beautiful tablet for a month or did one practice yet and one of my crypto coins went up 10k!! WOW I see a billionaire in the making I believe I’ve found the miracle grow for my wealth! Thank you Master!!

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    Posted by Unknown on Jun 15th 2021

    FACTS: After working with this book for a little over 3 months I have received way over 5 figures in extra income. PERSONAL: The great thing about this book other than it pays for itself (if you are CONSISTENT) is that it has a little of something for everybody. Meaning the variety of spells in this book will always have you doing different things to help your luck. For that I think that it is a good buy for anyone. I only worked with 2-3 different types of spells and there are plenty more that I still haven't touched. GREAT INVESTMENT!

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    I keep Smiling!!!

    Posted by Meira OraLee Atarah on Jun 8th 2021

    First and foremost Thank You Masters and The Gods of Luck!! Once I finally received my authentic oil straight from India that you suggest (great investment by the way) I’ve started following the proper steps. The rain has being on my side as well LOL!! And in Luck a couple of days later I received a call from my client that wanted a service that I charge a whopping $1500 for, she was ready to start that week!! So she’s booked now before she leaves on her trip on the 28th of June 2021!! LOL!!! I just Love it!!! To be continued... Love, Meira § Gratitude!!!

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    This Is An Amazing Gem

    Posted by Starry Phoenix on Apr 10th 2021

    I received my book today and read it entirely. It is an amazing gem, well worth the investment. I needed something that was difficult to find, and suddenly there it was for me. This is the beginning of an exciting journey into the realm of luck. Thank you for giving the world such a wonderful gift.

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    Second Review

    Posted by Kelvon Barkley on Jul 29th 2020

    I had to write a second review because this book has changed my life so quickly. I have manifested $20,000, moved from an apartment to a 2,200 square foot home, repaired my truck which was $2,500, met an AMAZING man that I am dating, I have had everything line up for me in perfect timing, I’ve been able to purchase more Tybro tools then I’ve ever have in the past, started multiple businesses, helped others and so much more! I love this book and I am so thankful that I purchased it.

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    Amazing and Speechless

    Posted by Kelvon on May 13th 2020

    The day I received this text in the mail I got a free laptop, yoga mat, spent time with the love of my life, lost 3 pounds and had a great coaching session with my life coach. Since then, I’ve gotten the answers I needed to increase my sells for my product line, I released some old emotional baggage, found out how to purchase my home and received many random acts of kindness. I love this book and I haven’t even had it a month. Thank you for being obedient and doing great work. I appreciate you both dearly Masters and I love you. Thank you again.

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