The Gods of Luck

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Webster defines luck as: a force that brings good fortune or adversity.  We are all familiar with the workings of this force. We have all tasted both sides of its nature through sports, gambling, getting a parking space, a chance meeting that went well, finding a wallet full of money etc.  We have all been touched by luck in some form or fashion.  Webster defines the entity that is luck as a force. 
For thousands of years, mankind has worked with this force in order to make life better.  We pray to the forces that bring luck for assistance in battle, planting crops, making babies, and in many other arenas.  Some people seem to have greater luck than others in life.  Is this because they have connected with the right deity of luck?
Most of us are aware of Lady Luck (The Goddess Fortuna) and Lord Ganesha(Remover of Obstacles), but did you know that there are over 30 different gods and goddesses of luck that most of us never meet?  I believe that luck is a force and this force is controlled by a large number of entities, not just the ones that we know about.  These entities hold a vast reserve of the force of luck just waiting to be tapped. 
I have personally witnessed the action of two of these deities in my life, both with astonishing results.  I believe that the Gods of Luck are living breathing entities that are waiting to be discovered. I believe that each of us has a connection with one or more of these entities, but we never take the time to complete a thorough search on which Gods/Goddesses of Luck are waiting to help us.  Pray to the wrong one, you get nothing. Pray to the right one(s), the heavens may well open up for you. 
Waiting for blind luck to give you what you need is a bit like waiting for life to hand you its blessings on a silver platter.  Very few of us ever receive anything meaningful in this way. 
This is the very first book to list the Gods of Luck and their proper incantations.  We present to you through this work only the Gods/Goddesses that bring good luck. If you take the time to work with all of them, you may well find one or more that will help you.  Up to this point in your life, think honestly about how deeply you have looked into expanding the force of luck in your life. 
Luck matters and it is one of the defining forces of our reality.  Using this book will not guarantee you luck or a better life.  Some people deep down don’t really believe in luck and truly do not wish to be happy or successful. This is a sad but true reality. Luck cannot reach those individuals. 
However, if you clear your doubts and skeptical programming enough, you can learn to reach out to the Gods of Luck through this work. They hold limitless reserves of energy that you can learn to tap into.  Tap the right one and you can change your life in ways that you have never even considered. All they require is a little bit of your time, the right incantations, faith, and effort.
Limits only exist for those who demand them. 
The Gods of Luck is our first book on the force of luck and its potential.  It is a unique work. We are very pleased to open this energy to you and a waiting world.
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(1 review) Write a Review

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    Amazing and Speechless

    Posted by Kelvon on May 13th 2020

    The day I received this text in the mail I got a free laptop, yoga mat, spent time with the love of my life, lost 3 pounds and had a great coaching session with my life coach. Since then, I’ve gotten the answers I needed to increase my sells for my product line, I released some old emotional baggage, found out how to purchase my home and received many random acts of kindness. I love this book and I haven’t even had it a month. Thank you for being obedient and doing great work. I appreciate you both dearly Masters and I love you. Thank you again.