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The Jade Emperor Attunements Package (Audio Download)

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The Jade Emperor Attunement Package (Audio Download) 




This attunement package contains: 


The Jade Emperor Palace Vault Attunement ($300) 


The Jade Emperor Palace Vault Attunement is a powerful audio attunement designed to help you bring the energies of prosperity into your life. By connecting with the powerful energy of the Palace of the Jade Emperor, this attunement helps you to open up channels for increased wealth manifestation. Listening to this attunement will allow you access to an improved flow in manifesting abundance and richness in all aspects of your life.


For thousands of years, the Palace of the Jade Emperor has been regarded as a focal point of abundance, both spiritually and materially. The powerful energies found within are said to be able to create space for tremendous amounts of wealth and power. By using this audio attunement regularly, you can increase your financial prospects and ensure that you have enough energy coming into your life to take action on any opportunity that appears before you.


This attunement is ideal if you’re looking for a jumpstart for wealth creation or even if you simply want to increase your ability to attract more money into your life on an ongoing basis. You will find yourself being inspired with creative ideas on how to build your own financial successes while feeling secure and confident no matter what comes your way. Start by listening carefully and let the process speak directly to your heart as it brings forth all its magical energies right at home.


The City of Boundless Treasure Attunement ($300)


The City of Boundless Treasure Attunement is designed to help you access higher levels of abundance, wealth, and manifestation. With this audio, you can unlock your worthiness of wealth and experience greater abundance in many areas of your life.


The City of Boundless Treasure is like opening a door to the realm of limitless fortune. This attunement helps to energetically connect you with the powerhouse energy vibrations of boundless prosperity found within the city itself. Using this tool will allow you to tap into a new level of financial freedom and manifest true abundance in all areas.


This audio attunement is specifically tuned and composed for the purpose of aligning with these energy vibrations. It works through resonance to help anchor the energetic signature imprinted in this powerful system so that it permeates into your entire being.  Upon listening, you will be able to draw upon a deep inner wellspring full of infinite potentials and successes associated with wealth, money, prosperity, success and more.


The Jade Emperor Treasury Dragon Attunement ($300)


The Jade Emperor Treasury Dragon Attunement is a unique and powerful audio attunement that helps you connect with the Jade Emperor Treasury Dragon. This attunement is perfect for those looking for guidance, positivity, and insights into positive energies. With this attunement, you will gain access to a vast source of wealth and opportunities available through the divine energy of the Dragon. 


Not only will this attunement attract wealth and abundance, but it offers healing benefits as well. You can use it to help boost your self-esteem and improve your quality of life. It may even lead you towards finding an inner peace while freeing yourself from the worries of day-to-day life. 


By using this audio attunement, you can benefit from unlocking its amazing powers with just one session. The frequency in this attunement has been designed to create a sense of spiritual reconnection while amplifying abundance levels. Simply by listening to this audio daily, you can bring positivity back into your life in every area imaginable. Rejuvenate and reinvigorate as you listen. Whether used for personal or professional benefit, the Jade Emperor Treasury Dragon Attunement can be used as often as needed to unlock potential within us all. Bring balance, harmony and spiritual clarity back into your life with this transformative audio experience. 


The Frequency of the Mountain of Gold Attunement ($300)


The Frequency of the Mountain of Gold Attunement a powerful audio attunement to help you access your own inner abundance. The attunement contains a frequency which aligns with the energy of a mountain full of gold, hidden deep within our consciousness. As you listen to this captivating frequency, it will resonate through your body and soul, connecting you to the infinite wisdom stored in this mountain and inspiring your creativity.


This attunement helps open up energetic pathways that bridge our inner world with the external; linking us to the mythic energy of abundance and prosperity. As you tune into these frequencies, your awareness expands and clarity is gained - taking you on an empowering journey as you explore how to create balance between material and spiritual wealth. This ancient wisdom can be of immense benefit for those seeking clarity in their money-mindset and harnessing the power within their own life force. 


The Frequency of the Mountain of Gold Attunement frees up blocked energy, giving you the chance to reset any lower vibrations stored in your aura when accessing financial wealth. This powerful tool can significantly raise your vibration while understanding how prosperity works in universal law, including karma and fate. By tapping in to this ancient frequency of abundance, it’s possible to clear limitations around access resources so that we can achieve greater success over time. 


The Frequency of the Royal Treasury Attunement ($300)


The Attunement of the Royal Treasury audio attunement is truly unique, utilizing a frequency that allows you to connect with the Jade Emperor's royal treasury—a powerful source of energy and abundance. Feel your inner knowing and awareness expand as you tap into this potent and ancient force.


This audio attunement has been crafted to help you gently open yourself up to the energies of wealth, abundance and good fortune. Accessing this higher plane within yourself helps you gain insight into your wishes, dreams and desires without fear or ego interference.


The Attunement of the Royal Treasury is an incredibly useful tool in your spiritual journey towards awakening the power within yourself that money cannot buy. It also helps you to potential greatness that awaits within this royal treasure trove, created by our originators of wisdom thousands of years ago.


Note: This audio has ultrasonic frequencies imbedded into it that may not able to be heard by the human ear. Be careful not to damage your ears with the tone by playing it at too high a volume, especially while listening with headphones.


Package Price: $1500


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    Thank you Master!!!!!

    Posted by brian grabowski on May 26th 2023

    Thank you Master Djanthi Thoth for these amazing attunements that allow us to connect to His Majesty the Jade Emperor. For all those who are considering this Divine Attunement as a way to connect to this Heavenly Greater King it is absolutely perfect. What I have found in my connection to His Majesty is constant promotions and pay raises that come from nowhere as his blessings and not based on performance or anything conceivable. Wherever a financial need occurred in my life, his majesty has always blessed me and saved me from absolute terrifying potential nightmares and disasters turning into financial abundance and financial safety and security. This Celestial King's Blessings have baffled my mind. Thank you for the connection to this King, which could only come from the graciousness of Master Djanthi Thoth!!!

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