The Jade Emperor-Jade Empress Qudrat Ring

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The Jade Emperor-Jade Empress Qudrat Ring 


The Jade Emperor is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He is the director and chairman of the Celestial Treasury and it is said that all forms of wealth pass through his hands.  He is very benevolent and kind. His power is available for us to use but we must avail ourselves of the correct spells. He is one of our powerful and important contacts in the spiritual world.


The Jade Empress is one of the wealthiest and most powerful goddesses in the universe. She is the wife of the Jade Emperor and the keeper of the secrets of the royal treasury. She was the holy mother of numerous divine gods and goddesses. She was a mortal woman who gained immortality and celestial prominence through her service and devotion to the Jade Emperor. 


Together, the Jade Emperor and Empress are revered as celestial parents and divine administrators who ensure cosmic balance and oversee the moral order of the universe.


The Jade Emperor-Jade Empress Qudrat Ring emanates the power of His Eminence and His Lady over a person.  It is the first combined Royal Couple Power Ring that we have ever released. Wearing this ring allows the user to draw energy from the Royal Court itself. This energy will greatly enhance the -power of your Jade Emperor/Empress spells, rituals, and offerings when they are performed by the user.  The stone is empowered to magnify their power and help the owner connect with them through altar prayer, spell work, and blessings that will come from out of the blue. The Jade Emperor-Jade Empress Qudrat Ring will allow humans to have further access to the benevolence and power of these divine beings. 


You do not need the Qudrat spellbook or any of the Jade Emperor texts in order to benefit from the power of this ring. 


Price: $299.95


Stone: Lab Created Emerald

Note: This ring runs about 1/2-1 size small. We currently have a limited quantity in stock. 


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