The Jade Emperor

The Jade Emperor Invocation

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The Jade Emperor Invocation


The Jade Emperor is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He is the director and chairman of the Celestial Treasury and it is said that all forms of wealth pass through his hands.  He is very benevolent and kind. His power is available for us to use but we must know how to contact him correctly. This new invocation will allow you to call upon his presence.


He governs the cosmos and resides in a magnificent palace in the highest part of heaven along with his large family and entourage of ministers and officials. The Jade Emperor is the supreme ruler of Heavens, the hades and the protector of mankind according to Chinese folklore religion and the highest-ranking deity of the Taoist pantheon.


The Invocation reads as follows:


Zachanlax Latha Algan Aliga Athar Taquan Xadna


Learn to say this along with the recording. 


This is a beautiful recording with melodic energy that is soothing to the soul. Listen to the energy and allow for the presence of this magnificent being to come into your life.


Price: $19.95


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10 Reviews

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    New opportunities

    Posted by Sairah on May 13th 2023

    If you are on the fence to buy Dr Gibson's product, I would suggest you to try it, after I bought several Dr Gibson's product, new opportunities just keep showing up, now I understand when people saying just to be in the flow, everything seems just line up perfectly. I signed up clients here and there, and I would not believe it was possible before.

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    The Jade Emperor Invocation

    Posted by Danny on Oct 6th 2022

    Thank you so much Masters Mitchell and Kathy Gibson for all you have done for the society and your followers. This invocation gives you so much ability to change your life that it’s ridiculous. I absolutely love all your invocations, I’ve been saving this for a day that’s more respectful because I want to set things up more respectively for your invocations, but let me tell you ALL something…. These invocations work. I was moved to tears and wept for a long time listening to the unisa vajaya prayer of greater miracles as I could feel the Buddha himself come to me and take away all my pain and sorrow. I knew I was being blessed and he came in stronger. I played it over and over again and it never got old. I listened to this one and I could feel connected to the Jade emperor and I felt all the things I wasn’t proud of. You know I typically run from those feelings? Invoking the Jade emperor really made it impossible for me to hold onto this way of life if I want to have him in my life more profoundly, not because he wouldn’t accept me but because I can’t accept that because I know what he’s doing for my life. Thank you Masters Mitchell and Kathy Gibson, thank you Jade Emperor and Empress… thank you royal court and Al the beings including the people who box these items and deliver them and make this dream of the Masters and mine possible and being present for me when I feel alone. Thank you.

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    I Love The Jade Emperor

    Posted by Norton Muto on Sep 20th 2022

    I love the Jade Emperor and this invocation is helping me to connext with him in a deeper sense. I recite it several times daily with the invocation playing in the background in front of my Gods altar when I’m speaking to the Gods. I certainly feel a difference in the atmosphere after I finish my recitations and prayers. I definitely will be working on building a stronger relationship with The Jade Emperor. Thank you for providing this product Master Gibson.

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    The Jade Emperor

    Posted by Ernest on Apr 10th 2022

    Awesome and just use it have brought me good results.

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    I ```````````````bsolutely Love this Product!

    Posted by Rasheeda Swain on Mar 19th 2021

    I love this product. But it is a little inconvenient. I downloaded it on my computer and I can not transfer it to my phone. I use my phone more for mediation music and videos because I can go outside in nature etc with it.

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    The Jade Emperor Invocation Banishes Dark Thoughts

    Posted by Arlene Teasdell on Jun 13th 2020

    I really appreciate all of the audios from Tybro, and the Jade Emperor Invocation doesn't disappoint. One day I was having challenges with getting my mind free of negative thoughts while doing my spiritual practices. I heard my higher self say to me, ‘play the Jade Emperor Invocation.’ This was something new for me because I don't play sounds/invocations at the beginning of my practice. I decided to heed the directive of my Higher Self, and turned on the invocation. Immediately, after doing so the frustrating dark thoughts left me, and I was able to get through my practice in peace, and continue on with my day. This helped me to realize that the negative thoughts weren’t my own, and helped me discover that invoking the Jade Emperor banishes negativity. Thank you so much for all you do.

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    A Yearning . . .

    Posted by Elsie on Mar 20th 2019

    I have listened to this invocation several times now, but for some reason today it is as though I'm listening to it for the first time. The tone of the music gives me a yearning feeling that pulls at me, maybe at the soul level, as though I'm searching for something. I plan to listen to this invocation for 30 days, and invite the Jade Emperor into my life. Thank you to all concerned and to Dr. Gibson and Kathy.

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    Posted by Piken Patel on Feb 27th 2019

    I like this invocation of The Jade Emperor; you can also light an incense while playing the invocation as a Thank you!

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    Posted by kelly-ann ridge on Feb 27th 2019

    Since I have been playing this invocation, everything seem easier, free flowing, Like a burden been lifted. It also helps that we followed the seminar. Great Investment.

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    Posted by Von O. Hodge II on Feb 27th 2019

    This is a very beautiful invocation. Truly, a gift from the Divine! Thank you Lord Jade Emperor! Thank you Master Gibson and Master Acharya!

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