The Master Spell of the God Ra - Audio Download

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The Master Spell of The God RA - Audio Download



"Twenty years ago, The God Ra gave me a spell to preserve for a future time. He called it a Master Spell. He didn’t tell me how to pronounce it or what its true purpose was. The spell was unusual in that it contained three parts.

The first part was a master symbol, Ritahn. This master symbol represented life renewed and I had used it successfully in the past to help heal some difficult people. All I had to do was speak it and miraculous results occurred. I had released a book with nine master symbols, but so many miraculous events occurred around the book that I decided to take it off the market. The bookstores that I placed it in were flooded with calls and we couldn’t keep it on the shelves. I could no explain away the miracles fast enough so I quit trying. Ritahn greatly amplified and restored the force of life.

The second part of the spell really threw me. It was written in a very unusual celestial tongue. Lord Thoth told me it was the language of the ancient solar gods. I could detect snippets of some earth tongues in the words, but nothing that I could latch onto to help me translate it. Lord Thoth said that when the time was right, he would grant me the power to say the words with the Voice of Ra. When I recorded the words, a power washed over me and I completed the incantation with one take.

The last part of the spell is a computer code designed to insert the incantation into the matrix of our troubled reality. This Master Spell is designed to upgrade our domain and every human being within it. Our world has been changed by recent events and some of the changes were not designed to help us.

The Master Spell of The God Ra is mp3 designed to help set the world on a brighter healthier path. Twenty years ago, I did not have the power to speak this spell properly. When you hear the words, you will hear the full Voice of Ra spoken by the fully awakened Avatar of the God Thoth.


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8 Reviews

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    The Master Spell of the God Ra

    Posted by Yaya Norton on Feb 23rd 2024

    I play this audio overnight on repeat as I sleep to ward off any malevolent entities. Since I have been doing so I don’t have any bad experiences

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    Posted by Gav on Jul 12th 2023

    Wow this is a POWERFUL sound and recitation. It’s beautiful, strong and very unique. I love rereading the description of the audio while I play it. What an absolute wonder to know it took Master decades to bring this piece to completion and speak it in the celestial tongue of the Solar Gods! My love for the God Ra has no bounds, no limits. The way the rays of the sun feel on my skin while playing this audio during solar practice is warm, comforting and feels right. It feels like I’m home wherever I am playing this. I love to experiment with my solar practices and I have found ways to incorporate The Master Spell of The God Ra in ways that elicit unique responses. It’s a testament that the tools can be stretched and expanded as much as your imagination allows. I definitely need to listen and work with this audio more consistently than I have been. It’s easy to lose focus if you have so many tools and want to try everything. I’ve learned less is more and follow through with dedication and hope and the responses you are looking for will come in ways you may or may not expect. I highly recommend this tool for those looking to deepen their connection with the God Ra and any of the solar gods. It works beautifully as a pair to other solar practices and a gem you didn’t know you needed! Thank you Master, I would love to hear more in this celestial language! Bravo!

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    Beyond amazing!

    Posted by Santhip on Jul 12th 2023

    This is the master spell of Ra. Don’t even pause to think about it. Just get it. Listening to it for over a couple years now as one of the first thing from sunrise on my music playlist. Meditating to this one is very powerful. You can feel the energy in your body and almost like a shell of energy protection around you. The day is great after that. Thank you Master for releasing it when humanity was going through a tough time.

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    Prepare to Be in the Presence of Ra

    Posted by Robin Thomas on Feb 23rd 2022

    Candles and the Sun respond to the voice of Ra. Even right before the voice of Ra speaks the candles react. Sit in meditation in front of the sun or candles before playing this recording on full volume. This will allow a strong reaction that can capture on photo. Add it to your daily routine and meditation. Let Ra expand your consciousness. Gratitude Master & Acharya

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    The Authentic Voice of A God!

    Posted by Shirl Rhoades on Jun 20th 2020

    This audio recording speaks for itself.... LITERALLY! Upon hearing The Voice of Lord RA, you know you are no longer in the presence of a human. You can feel these sounds in your spine and they radiate throughout the entire being. To take in this voice is to align with the very EVOLUTION of this world. I bow in gratitude for this gift.

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    The Master Spell of Ra

    Posted by Leigh Ann Phillips on Apr 20th 2020

    When I first heard this recording, I felt like the power of the universe was reverberating in my ears. This recording is for anyone that needs reassurance that the is a Loving Creator, and he is asking us to evolve. Listening to this recording immediately dispelled any external fear in my environment. It is powerful yet peaceful. Compelling yet heart-centering. I recommend this to anyone who is serious about evolving in these extraordinary times, and also wants to actively be of service in these times. Thank you, Master.

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    Blessed Slumber

    Posted by Afi on Apr 19th 2020

    I had no idea I was as anxious as I was until I realized my ability to sleep was getting increasingly worse. I didn't feel comfortable until the birds began to sing & the sun began to rise. Once I received the audio download I began playing it in a loop at night. I immediately felt a weight lift. Now I'm sleeping without angst. My dreams seem to be stabilizing. The dark energy we are being bombarded with had been negatively effecting my dreams & for a conscious dreamer that can be a scary experience. I'm grateful for The Master Spell. I recommend everyone utilize items of protection & power. It will help you maintain light & joy in your home & within your consciousness. Gratitude to Master & The God Ra. Blessings &

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    Masterly Stroke to unmask the situation at hand !! CLASSIC !!

    Posted by Kirubakaran Rajagopal on Apr 16th 2020

    My years of Neurosis of Mental state.and the Neuritis of my dense physical feet were instantaneously ' lasered'out of my mind-grid and my physique by the very Effulgent beam of Healing Rays when i intentionally unleashed IT to my utter relief and wonder too !! This act of lending just both my ears to the hitherto previously unheard of such a 'Thunderous' Voice of The God Ra ' also ushered upon by the Siddha Thoth's Voice box that superimposed this act by a '2 in 1 ' trsnsforming into a 'Golden Plethora' of the' Solar and Lunar Tones 'of an Emphatic Potency of a soothing harmonious unision of an Enigmatic Magical ' Sound and Light' waves of the Quantum Particles that evicted out the contained negativity ,darkness, and disease and dispelled that very 'chaotic energy' and sent it rightfully to the' etheric -neuter space '(zone)perhaps nullifiedly fully so !! The 3 aspects of this Master Spell indeed is an indispensable Tool that of 'One of a Kind' , a 'rarity' to be treasured in close to your heart ,Mankind ! Hail Tybro Masters and the Duo-Gods for gifting such Jewels of the needful Spiritual Arts at the very appropriate juncture,Now !! GOD BLESS !!

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