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Everyone needs to let go of something ... Releasement is an ancient healing method designed to help the listener let go of even the most difficult painful emotional attachments in life ... a difficult relationship, painful memories, abuse from the past, and many other problematic issues have been successfully released using this beautiful technique.....This recording is equivalent to having a private session with one of the countries best spiritual counselors in the comfort of your own home.

Healing and Releasing Emotional Trauma from the Past


Releasement is a new beginning....a way to feel better than ever before...a way to feel the relief of a good night's sleep experience the tranquility of a day without pain ... a way to let go of the chaos that has taken too much of the joy from your life ... a way to feel ... even for a few moments ... true happiness ... peace ...and contentment ...

The Releasement recording employs an ancient healing technique that has been used for thousands of utilizes the principle that the emotional trauma that happen to us begin in the spirit and work their way toward the conscious mind.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


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25 Reviews

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    Posted by Victoria on Feb 19th 2023

    This meditation is amazing! Ive been doing it every day for four days now and last night I had a dream where I was happy and thankful for this meditation because my body was able to rest better and in my dream I told myself to leave a review on tybro because of how thankful I was to be able to rest my body. This meant I was able to go through all my dreams happier and more comfortable without waking up all the time because my body aches or is uncomfortable. Hello good sleep again. I’m excited to keep using this meditation as recommended. Thank you master Gibson for this wonderful blessing.

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    Exactly what I needed.

    Posted by Inanna Ved on Oct 10th 2022

    Releasement audio is powerful. I’m having a need to find an audio or ritual that helps with soothing the pain from the wounding of foreign energies. There is an immense healing on my physiology. It’s really the psychotherapeutic session that I’ve been looking for and I’m so thankful that I can utilize it as I need it without worry or worrying about anything.

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    Transformative With Consistent Practice

    Posted by Sarah Stecyk on Sep 9th 2022

    I have been using the releasement audio on a regular basis for a few months now. I like to pair it with my Yoni Steam to enhance its effects of releasing the stagnent energy stored in the body and spirit. I have seen great change in my emotions, thoughts and overall energy. Traumas that used to trigger me no longer weigh on me. With consistency I have seen breakthroughs I never thought were possible. Eternally Grateful, Thank you Master.

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    Great product

    Posted by Kevin on Jul 11th 2022

    I could feel my issue going away. It doesn't bug me as much.

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    Posted by Krista on Jul 1st 2022

    This audio download is nothing short of miraculous. I have used a number of times for different traumatic experiences in my life. I usually follow up with a Soul Cleanse audio or the Release Guilt and Fear audio. Ive never had to repeat a single traumatic event clearing. This is the absolute fastest clearing I experienced for my former issues. I Highly Recommend this audio. Since using this Releasement to clear up my life has become miraculous and the positivity seems to outweigh the negativity. The amount of Joy I hold is much greater and people sense the shift. This is the Greatest Gift you can give yourself.

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    Results after the 1st listen

    Posted by Venecia C on Jun 24th 2022

    First time using the releasement audio the pain in the lower right side of my back was lifted. Before starting I had nothing in mind and no expectation so what came up that I needed to let go of happened naturally. The many audio recording Ive purchased in the past didn’t do anything like this. I felt lighter, relieved and the best part is the pain hasnt come back since I listened back in May 2022. I actually received results after the 1st listen and will keep using this amazing tool. Thank You Tybro Much Love V.

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    Posted by Gavrielle on Jun 16th 2022

    The Releasement Audio is an absolute GEM. Every single one of us has something we can let go of and need to release. I was having major blocks with meditations, and this was one of the first audio’s I worked with from Master Gibson. His voice is so calm and soothing, and I quickly fall into a very relaxed and trance state. I have used this tool to work on past traumas big and small. Some things I have dealt with have been so far suppressed have found their way up to the surface. My spirit lets me know it’s time to move on. I feel well supported and safe using this audio to confront topics and scenarios that I subconsciously avoid. I don’t normally have nightmares anymore, but I used to have recurring ones. When something negative in the dream state comes up, I can often understand what it is symbolizing if not literal. When that occurs, I use the releasement audio to confront these triggers head on. I have found myself in tears not from the pain, but from the weight lifted and freedom I feel. We do not need to suffer, and I CHOOSE not to suffer. I believe a lot of people are not interested in therapy and shy away from asking for help. I do find this as a way to love yourself and invest in some self-help. Thank you graciously Master for granting us this tool to evolve and move forward. Love and light as always.

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    A must have.

    Posted by M.S. on Feb 28th 2022

    This recording will create miracles in your life. After the first use, I woke feeling lighter. The weight of that pain is gone. I encountered a trigger that would've transported me back to that painful time and I transcended it. I recommend this download to anyone plagued by painful memories of the past.

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    This works fast!

    Posted by Nadine Topp on Feb 26th 2022

    I did this with an open mind and the memory that has been negatively affecting me has seemed to disappear. Meaning I tried to recall it and that weird feeling or emotion blockage is simply not there. Wow, after just one session. I am really impressed and satified. Thank ydou Dr. Gibson.

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    Posted by L. F. on Feb 20th 2022

    I've used this four times already and each time has been a gratifying experience. Often times,, not-so-good memories come back causing emotions to surface. I thought that I had let them go already. This is the extra step that was needed. The Releasement places me into a space where I can relax but also remain focus. I'm experiencing more self-love, living more in the present, and releasing the need to wade in the sorrow of past memories. Thank you so much for providing this amazing tool:)

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