The Medicine Buddha Radiator

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The Medicine Buddha Radiator



The Medicine Buddha Radiator is connected to the main world of The Medicine Buddha. During an early incarnation on earth, The Medicine Buddha noted the suffering of humans in its varied forms. The light generated by the radiator is real and may illuminate a wide area with the light of the Buddha.

There is no practical limit to the amount of light that may be drawn from the radiator.

After his enlightenment, The Medicine Buddha gained the power to create worlds through thought alone. These worlds stored healing energy that allowed humans to escape the lower illusionary worlds of suffering and incarnate on celestial immortal worlds of light.

The radiator is connected to the main world of light ruled by the Buddha. Using this light in the proper way, you may focus it on healing things....your health, relationships, bank account, growth of your soul. Each soul recognizes its divine presence and connection while wearing it. That presence and connection triggers a download of Khaturjan forces that lift you up onto the wall of blessing, and away from the wall of suffering. 

The radiator is different from the medallion in that it covers the space of a large room, up to 1000 sq feet with healing and corrective energy that pours in from the main world of the Buddha.


Price: $300.00

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3 Reviews

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    Posted by eternal on Jan 16th 2024

    So far, so great. I love the energy that emanates from the radiator. It has transformed my safe space...

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    Medicine Buddha Radiator

    Posted by Daniel on Jun 7th 2023

    What I hold on my hands is a priceless instrument made by the medicine Buddha himself. I am so great full in my heart to have this beautiful instrument to just gaze upon when ever I need a helping hand. My heart feels great gratitude and joy to look into the eyes of master Mitchell Gibson… this covers three miles in divine level blessing….. the highest level of healing with unconditional love and healing ready to tap into and call upon at a moments notice. To channel into my heart and what ever it is I want, I feel it in my heart that mine combined with the master buddhas healing can touch without measure the ones I love… as the dr who studied water molicules proved a loving thought can impact and the capacity of your heart is the only limit dealing with yourself and when you’re dealing with the divine being that is the medicine Buddha, the impact can not be imagined. That’s three miles around you that the medicine Buddha is healing I’m sure there is no space left I blessed to the capacity that is just above the radiator being that it’s a divine loving blessing made with the utmost gift of master Mitchell and Kathy Gibson love. I’m so great full for all your love and blessings and for helping my heart heal because it has. I love you thank you, you are so inspirational…. I’m going to accomplish full enlightenment, with your help.

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    This Radiator Got Me High!

    Posted by Jennie H on May 12th 2021

    I received my Buddha Radiator today and I have to admit that when I opened the package I did not expect to see Dr. Gibson's face on the radiator! It was a complete surprise! I suppose I expected to see a big round smiling asian Buddha face. But then the energy started running through me. I was no longer thinking about and wondering why Dr. Gibson's face was on this little thin metal radiator. I had planned to place the radiator on my altar and go take a walk, however I realized that the energy was so amazing that I couldn't bring myself to put the radiator down. So I placed it back into the pouch it arrived in and then placed it into my fanny pack. I walked downstairs to go feed some nuts to a squirrel that I feed everyday and I noticed that I was very calm. As I sat on the concrete steps feeding the nuts to this squirrel I realized that I felt high...high as if I smoked marijuana... but without the paranoia! I actually can't ingest thc or anything psychotropic. I take supplements daily to stay calm as I am prone to mood disorder. I was in complete astonishment. This tiny little piece of metal with Dr. Gibson's face on it had me feeling beyond relaxed! How was this possible? I proceeded to take a walk and I had to call my friend/ roommate to tell him about this radiator. I was on the phone laughing and I couldn't stop laughing. I was sooo high! I couldn't even walk as fast as I wanted to because I was sooo relaxed. I finally placed the radiator on my altar and placed some photos on it of my two deceased grandmothers and one deceased cat. When I went to do my offering my energy was much more relaxed then usual. I have to say...this radiator is pretty powerful! I'm glad I made the purchase! And if the thought of having Dr. Gibson's face on a radiator seems a bit weird... well, when you feel the energy on this radiator you won't care about his face anymore... Dr. Gibson, don't get me wrong... you have a very nice face! lol :)

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