The New Medallion Workshop - Webinar

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The New Medallion Workshop


Over the past few years we have released a number of new medallions.  We presented the Hidden Power of Medallions seminar during the student intensive that really helped a lot of followers understand the medallions and what they could do better.  The New Medallion workshop will pick up where the first workshop left off.


In this totally new one hour presentation, we will present information about the powers, origin and hidden properties of the Jade Emperor Medallion, The Barakiel Medallion, The Angels of Sanctification Medallion, The Demiurgos Medallion, and The Celestial Pendant. I will present information about these medallions during the one hour seminar and field questions regarding your experiences about the medallions.


This will be a one-time event and you will not be able to download the webinar after it is over.   Make room in your calendar for this very important event and you will thank yourself. 


Medallions are a powerful way to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your personal space.  Our medallions are among the most powerful spiritual protection items on the planet. 


Price: $99.00


Join us.

Wednesday June 28, 2017

2:00 PM

The New Medallion Workshop

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2 Reviews

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    The Whole Armor of God

    Posted by E. Aubert on Nov 17th 2023

    It is Imperative that I equip myself with all the necessary tools I can afford. Faith, hope, belief and love from above. While going out into this world of madness. I need the whole armor of the Gods. The Medallion Webinar surely educated me, prepares me for the battles within and without. I have experience the power of protection with the AOS.5 on many occasions too many to mention here at this now. I have since than been able to acquire a few more Medallions. These necessary Beautiful tools can grace you body and Altar. Wearing and respecting the many available medallions, their powers are numerous. You have a sense of powerful protection all around, a Peace that passes all understanding. My body guards (smile) grateful. The Medallion webinar goes deep in their functions and spells. “If you don’t look for Magic, you will never find it.” I am so grateful for the Master's continuous production of unlimited tools of power, applications, and instructions. Forever grateful Masters….

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    Posted by Robert Muhammad on Jul 5th 2017

    I didn't to hear the first Medallion Workshop that Master did some time back. This was a great workshop with a lot of information. If you're thinking about purchasing one the Masters's Medallion, you should get this workshop before you do.... Master Gibson answer a lot of question about the medallions.... A much have before you buy!!!....Thank you Master G.....

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