Rapid Enlightenment - A New Tybro Webinar

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Rapid Enlightenment - A New Tybro Webinar 





The Buddha taught about Four Noble Truths. The first truth is called “Suffering (dukkha),” which teaches that everyone in life is suffering in some way. The second truth is “Origin of suffering (samudāya).” This states that all suffering comes from desire (tanhā). The third truth is “Cessation of suffering (nirodha),” and it says that it is possible to stop suffering and achieve enlightenment. The fourth truth, “Path to the cessation of suffering (magga)” is about the Middle Way, which are the steps to achieve enlightenment.
Buddhists believe in a wheel of rebirth, where souls are born again into different bodies depending on how they conducted themselves in their previous lives. This is connected to “karma,” which refers to how a person’s good or bad actions in the past or in their past lives can impact them in the future.
There are two main groups of Buddhism: Mahayana Buddhism and Theravada Buddhism. Mahayana Buddhism is common in Tibet, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Mongolia. It emphasizes the role models of bodhisattvas (beings that have achieved enlightenment but return to teach humans). Theravada Buddhism is common in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Burma (Myanmar). It emphasizes a monastic lifestyle and meditation as the way to enlightenment. There is another way, a faster way.
Master Mitchell Gibson has been widely recognized by his followers as an incarnation of The Medicine Buddha. He has written dozens of books on healing, magic, reincarnation, and hidden esoteric knowledge that cannot be found anywhere else. He brings into this world a trove of hidden information from the spiritual world that has helped create miracles for thousands of people. Rapid Enlightenment is a new teaching webinar that will reveal never before hidden secrets that will help you accelerate the process of gaining enlightenment and freedom from the illusions of this world that ensnare you. The process is both freeing and frightening at the same time. Childhood is over.


NOTE: If you can't attend the live event, register BEFORE the event and you will receive a cloud recording within 48 hours after the event. All attendees will receive the recording as well. Registration ends November 14th at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Date: November 15th, 2022

Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm

Price: $250.00

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7 Reviews

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    Posted by Joshua Smith on Jul 12th 2023

    I have watched this webinar at least 5 times since its release. It is profound. I had such a strong nudge to complete the practices outlined in the teaching immediately afterwards. Anyone interested in the soul and its transmigrations will find this webinar is a good place to start. You will learn some things that challenge your understanding of the afterlife even if you have been on the path of higher consciousness for some time. One of the things I truly valued from this webinar and all of Tybro productions is that you are given rituals with clear instructions on how to free yourself from a number of states of suffering. The magic given to us is not found anywhere else; this must be highlighted! The Master’s teachings empower you and this webinar is no different. You will receive some very important rituals that will help you elevate the different aspects of your soul out of the domain of suffering. I particularly enjoyed the candid stories Master shared about his experience in the spiritual world with his loved ones and how during the course of helping them transition he also had to reconfigure his own understanding of some concepts about what happens to the soul after our physical time has expired. We are all learning, even our Master. How Master Gibson so easily explains the most complex topics is quite fascinating. I did not complete the webinar the first time feeling confused. I had questions certainly but, without the confusion I was more easily able to take the questions to meditation and do my own exploration with the teaching as a foundation.

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    Rapid Enlightenment

    Posted by Gav on Jul 12th 2023

    The Rapid Enlightenment webinar was an incredible experience. I am so grateful for the information shared and lessons taught. It resonated with me in such a deep way. However, you can't expect to grow solely on the information alone. You must practice your magic. After completing the first month's ritual, I had a miraculous experience. Without going into great detail, the morning after I completed the exercise I went straight into meditation. I felt myself coming out of my body and bare witness to my astral form. I was looking at my hands and saw my body duplicate. After this session, I shared with my partner and realized I must have fallen asleep while I was in the trance state. I was super disoriented and to this day unsure if I was awake or asleep. Nonetheless, after sharing more details, I realized that I witnessed the release of my earthly soul. I was so moved by this and thrilled to continue on with the rest of the practices. There are certain rituals that you gravitate towards, and rapid enlightenment does that for me. I can feel my soul yearning for more. Also, I felt so happy each and every day doing the work knowing what the outcome could be. It’s without question that it started my days in the best mood. I also believe the process was strengthened because my partner and I practice together. I look forward to the day where I can invest in the Rapid Enlightenment tablet and continue my lifelong goal of evolving beyond. Thank you Masters, I am so grateful.

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    Quite the Gift

    Posted by Carlos Freeman on Dec 5th 2022

    Master’s, you have given us a cheat code for leaving this prison and ascending to higher worlds with our heavenly soul, thank you!

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    Rapid Enlightenment Webinar

    Posted by Leigh Ann Phillips on Nov 23rd 2022

    Master Doctor Gibson's webinar was such an important one for those who are trying to raise their consciousness and leave this realm, and i hope that is more and more people. I have been on the path with the Gibsons for many years, and this webinar answered so many questions i have had. It put a lot of pieces together, such as relatives visiting in the dreamtime and how they can and have been in two places at once. Thank you, Master, for a fantastic webinar! We are blessed to have you as our teacher. Namaste~

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    Great spiritual knowledge to receive

    Posted by SamuEL on Nov 22nd 2022

    Another great webinar that has enlighten my soul. I recommend watching at least three times to grasp the information. Glad I attended this webinar.

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    Posted by LF on Nov 22nd 2022

    Another amazing webinar. It makes made me look at my soul differently. Thank you for the insight and tools given!

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    Couldn’t recommend enough

    Posted by Beth Price on Nov 21st 2022

    If you are deciding which webinar to get, this should be at the top of your list. Couldn’t be more grateful to Master Gibson and Acharya for taking the time to share this, and to Djanthi-Thoth for allowing this to be shared. Be ready to put in some work, but what you get as a result is priceless.

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