The Order of the Red Dragon

The Order of the Red Dragon: Secrets of the Order

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The Order of the Red Dragon
Secrets of the Order
The Order of the Red Dragon is one of the most powerful spiritual organizations in the universe. It was created to help humanity emerge from the depths of spiritual slavery into full enlightenment.  As the Order grew, hundreds of humans learned of its existence and eventually gained entrance into its hallowed halls.  Entrance is not easy and those who make the cut, are immortalized for their efforts.  Unknown to most, there are back doors that allow ordinary mortals to interface with the Immortals, Gods, and Dragons within the Order.
The Secrets of the Order is a one of a kind book. This work allows mortals to glimpse into the secret world of the Order.  The Order is organized into Inner, Outer, and Secret Chambers.  However, each of these castings is further divided into Lodges.  These Lodges are led by Beings of Great Power who are always on the lookout for humans with potential.  Each lodge has its own handshake, sigil, meeting house, and sign of recognition. A human knowing these is never truly alone and may contact the Order in meditation, visions, and in times of dire need, physically. In this work, you will learn how to determine when the Lodges are meeting, what their agenda is, and how to gain permission to participate.  
Each potential entrant is screened thoroughly and those with negative or duplicitous intent are barred from even coming close to the chamber doors. Attending a Lodge meeting is an achievement in and of itself. Humans that are allowed entrance are fast tracked toward Order admission.
The Order also has special contacts in the astral world, the dream world, and the physical world that may be utilized with special meditations and glyphs.  There are also hidden words of power, solar techniques, and incantations known only to members of the Order.  When you possess this book, you will be given a special word that will allow you to communicate with a member of the Inner Order.
Secrets of the Order is a very special book and we encourage all of you to get this if you can.  We appreciate your support and this book is sanctioned by the Order.
Price: $2,000.00

*Advanced text orders typically take 1-2 weeks to arrive, as they are ordered on demand.


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4 Reviews

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    Posted by Gav on Jul 12th 2023

    The Order of the Red Dragon: Secrets of the Order! OOOOF, this is an incredible, incredible tablet!! Honestly, as soon as I finished reading the first edition “Order of the Red Dragon” I bought Secrets I think the same day or almost immediately after. I was sucked in and was fascinated with the teachings and thrilled to learn the practices available. With many of Master’s advanced tablets, you do need to have some foundation work in other areas to help support the success of completing various rituals. This is no different, so if I may offer some advice it would be – practice your breathwork! Spiritus! The secret teachings and hidden knowledge will be mind blowing for some and for others, it will be a confirmation/validation. The hardest thing is that once you know the truth, you can never go back and see the world as you once did. I am not trying to live out this life with the mindset of “ignorance is bliss” - I’m trying to get out of here and not come back, if you know what I’m sayin’! I believe if you are called to this tablet and have the means, there is a divine reason this information is coming available to you. You will not be disappointed and only yearn for more. Thank you Master for your work in this lifetime and every lifetime. Making this information available to your followers is a gift beyond words can describe. I hope all of you who choose to invest in this work to use it with love, happiness and joy.

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    Takes Practice but

    Posted by Robbie Wilson on Feb 22nd 2023

    This book has a lot of jewels. I was reading this book and I was (still am) astounded by the information and history but something was drawing to one special group. I tried a few spells in the book and I took a break for a few weeks because I was tired of trying. I LITERALLY had a dream about me doing doing one of the rituals in the EXACT same group I was drawn to. When I went to bed and started sleeping, I somehow subconsciously raised my kundanli and lowered it when it got too high and I was using the same ritual in my dream that I was practicing in while awake. That was a confirmation that whoever was in that group was telling me to keep trying and don't give up. It's as if they were watching me from a far and waiting for me once it is successfully completed. All in all, you will know which group you will be drawn to because it will just feel right, or you have been in that group before or encountered someone from the group. Something will just feel familiar. :)

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    Posted by Michael on Jan 16th 2023

    In awe and humbled by this work. Thank you to Master Gibson, The Order and Lord Thoth.

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    Get it

    Posted by Omo Fe on Jan 20th 2020

    On another level; eyes open.

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