The Order of the Red Dragon

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The Order of the Red Dragon


The Order of the Red Dragon is one of the most powerful spiritual organizations in the universe.  It began over 70 billion years ago in the first multiverse that emerged from the mouth of the Demiurge. It is controlled by a group of Dragon Masters that sprang into being spontaneously from the creative forces of the universe.  Each Dragon Master has the power to take any shape that they choose, including that of the human form.  They live, work, breed, and coexist with humans as a ruling body.


The Order of the Red Dragon is opposed by the Order of the Green Dragon.  The Green Dragons focus only upon self-gain, personal aggrandizement, and ruling planets through force. Most humans are ruled over by lower forces, none the least of which are the Green Dragons.  The Order of the Red Dragon is a once in a lifetime book. I have been given permission to write and distribute information about the Order for the first time.  I was inducted into the Order in 1997, before my enlightenment.  This book will cover the inception of the order, its organization, power structure, magical focus, and invocations.


Each person claiming a book will be granted a personal Dragon from the Order to watch over them for the remainder of their earthly lives.  This dragon will also watch over them in the after-life. This Dragon Master will protect their human aspirant during the time of sleep as well.  Dragons are loyal and powerful allies.  They are also exceptionally intelligent.  Some of you have already seen some of these Dragons.  They are real.  They are not fictional beings.  They await our call.


There will also be invocations and magical rituals pertaining to the work of the Order within the book. All of this information will be exclusive to the new owners.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


Price: $3000.00



*Advanced text orders typically take 3-4 weeks to arrive, as they are ordered on demand.






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    Posted by Jewel Bailey on Jun 17th 2020

    This a very special and powerful book. The knowledge contain in this book is both compelling and impressive. My spiritual awareness is being raised as I read the information. Thank You for this rare gift. It is truly a once in a lifetime treasure.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 20th 2016

    This book has so much information packed into it, it's blowing my mind. I am re-reading pages in order to absorb what I missed the first time. Gorgeous book with immense power and guidance. It's brought the whole order into a different dimension for me. It's woken me up more than I was before. If the Masters ever do a re-print, please do yourself the favor and get it. Do not let the price deter you. The information in it more than justifies the price. I'm speechless when it comes to this book. Speechless! It's that powerful.