The Prima Magical Charging System

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The Prima Magical Charging System
Magical energy is the chief component of the reality of our world.  When we were children, we were taught that our reality was composed of atoms, electrons, protons, and neutrons. The standard model of physics now states that this is not true. 76 percent of who you are is now known to be a force called dark energy.  We cannot define the energy beyond the fact that it has been proven to be the most abundant substance in the universe. Atoms, protons, electrons, and neutrons comprise less than 5% of your body.  Dark energy and dark matter comprise more than 96% of who you are. They do not interact with physical matter in any way. In many ways, they are almost indistinguishable from magical energy. You are composed of magical energy and power that you have not been taught how to use.
The Prima Magical Energy Charging System is a brand-new service that we will offer in conjunction with our new spiritual store.  The system provides a powerful spiritual charge for items you purchase in the store. We will charge them onsite with a powerful series of currents and blessings that will increase the power and efficacy of your artifact by 50-60%. We will also offer this energy for any physical item you may purchase through our online store.
We do not charge items that we do not sell.
Spiritual Power Currents of The Prima Magical Energy Charging System
30,000 volts Artificial Lightning
Meteoric Sky Iron Wand Power Charge
The Magical Energy Healing Battery Pendulum Charge
Psionic Plate Healing Invocation
Shungite Cylinder Healing and Amplification
Three Color Solar Psionic Plate Empowerment
These empowerments are one of a kind and are not offered anywhere else in the world. The energy implanted within your items is permanent and will never weaken or dissipate. The energy will work with your rituals, prayers, meditations, and spells in order to help you evolve and grow as a practitioner.
Price: $200 per item
*Instruct which item you would like charged in the order notes. 
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