The Ring to Honor Our Ancestors

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The Ring to Honor Our Ancestors 


All of us have the blood of slaves, fallen warriors, farmers, explorers, ancient gods and goddesses, and many more beings that have given their lives so that we might be here. When we were on stage at Carnegie Hall, one of my female ancestors appeared to me in a vision. She was a black lady, late 40's, wearing a thick wad of tatted clothes, sweating. She was in the middle of priming a tobacco field and she looked up and prayed.


She asked the Creator to let her pain have meaning one day. He gave her a vision of me onstage. She started crying. I cried a little bit too, right there on stage, but I hid it. Our ancestors are proud that we have lived for their sacrifices. They are happy that we feed and look after them. They are proud to have born their plan so that we might live better. We carry their dreams. They lift us through their gifts. Their strength flows through us. I honor all of our ancestors with this ring. We will place this on our site tomorrow. It is my way of saying, thank you. 


This ring is custom ordered. Please include your ring size in the order notes. 


Price: $950 

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