The Primordial Healing Series

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The Primordial Healing Series


The Primordial Healing Series is designed to help the layperson take advantage of a host of hidden spiritual practices that can dramatically improve health.


There are currently quite a number of practices, meditations, and spiritual exercises that one may learn. People are at a loss as to what is worthwhile to learn and what to discard as fad. One only has 24 hour each day. What form of exercise can you fit into your schedule? What will give you the most benefit? Is there something that I can do to help the environment and the universe around me with my meditation practice?


These are all very common and important questions. Our approach to healing is quite simple. The accumulation of energy in the body may be likened to the accumulation of money, the more you have, the more you can spend. Primordial energy is an abundant, inexhaustible source of energy that surrounds us at all time. It is the source of chi itself. You may acquire a very high reserve of primordial energy for healing the body, destroying disease causing entities that attack the body and mind, improving your relationships, improving your ability to attract happiness and prosperity into your life, reducing chaos, and a host of other applications that we will discuss as we delve into this work.


There are two types of primordial energy that are available to us at all times; positive and negative. One may also exhaust and deplete one’s storage and ability to store positive primordial energy through the commission of certain acts and behaviors that lead to rapid aging, accidents, illness, disease, chaotic relationships, and premature death. These lessons will help the user open the door to the right and correct understanding of the basic spiritual healing forces that surround us.


We will present both the theory of primordial healing and its application. As such, each lesson is structured to proceed from theory to action. You may complete each of these lesson at your own pace in the privacy of your own home or meditation space. Each time you apply these lessons, you will gradually improve the health of your body, the amount of basic primordial healing energy you may store, and diminish and release a host of negative forces that you have stored over the years that you may not even realize are present within your system.


The Primordial Healing Series is presented in five easy to follow lessons. Each lesson is designed to help the user gradually build his/her knowledge and understanding of the hidden spiritual forces that shape and mold health, disease, happiness, and chaos. In this way, the student gains a much fuller understanding of the forces given to use by the Creator.

  1. The Hidden Power of the Sun and the Primordial Light
  2. The Primordial Elements and The Moving Meditations
  3. The Primordial Forces of Healing
  4. The Primordial Forces that Cause Illness and Chaos
  5. The Hidden Healing Power of Initiatic Herbs and Crystals


In addition to personal healing, each lesson will bring to light the necessity of healing the energy that surrounds us emanating from the Sun and the Earth. Our planet and the Solar system are experiencing perhaps the greatest ship that we have ever faced. Healing the body is not enough. If we are to survive as a race, we must face our own individual responsibility for taking care of our little corner of the universe. We are responsible for this planet, and the Sun that gives it life. In The Primordial Healing Series, we will show you how the changes within the Sun have affected life on Earth and how they are beginning to affect the lives of each and every one of us. We can do something to help both our own health and the health of the universe around us. That is the purpose of Primordial Healing.


The overall goal of The Primordial Healing Series is to provide the user with a series of movements, meditations, and applications that may be completed in the privacy of your own home or meditation space. The completion of this work will bring significant rewards in many areas of your life.


Dr. Mitchell and Kathy Gibson


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Price: $1500


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