Ancestral Primordial Cleansing (Audio Version)

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The Primordial Scripts are derived from the earliest point of creation. The earliest Creator Gods received these writings from the Creator himself. The Scripts are said to have spontaneously emerged from the creative primordial soup of the universe itself. These scripts are used by the highest Gods as a way of transmitting orders to the lower gods, demigods, and humans.

The audio invokes the supernatural power of the universe itself and helps to cleanse this script. Listen to the advanced audio everyday, for 30 days straight to complete the cleanse.




(1 review) Write a Review

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    Wonderful Experience and Healing.

    Posted by Elsie on Mar 20th 2019

    I wanted to complete the 30 day ancestral cleanse before making my testimonial. The first couple of days I played and listened to the ancestral cleanse, the sounds targeted a part of my brain and I felt I was in an altered state for couple of seconds and then I shifted back to normal. This experience happened several times initially; I also found I slept deep and soundly. Once I awoke abruptly from a deep sleep and experienced this lingering headache. This ancestoral cleanse is cumulative healing and right now not sure how this healing is taking place or where its being targeted so I'm just happy for the healing (body, mind, spirit). I looked forward to hearing the sounds every night and imagine my ancestors surrounding me, talking to me, and giving me messages, this was comforting. This ancestral cleanse is worth doing again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.