The Rapid Deification Audio

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The Rapid Deification Audio

Rapid Deification is the process by which the body is infused with divine energy in order to speed up the process of turning the body into a divinized vessel. Normally, this process requires thousands of years, but rapid deification reduces the time greatly. In this process the major organs, the minor organs, skin, nerves, muscles, and other tissues are filled with celestial spell fluid energy. These energies restore the divine state of the body and accelerate the realization of the spiritualized state. The body from that point on functions as a deity in the human world. Divine powers unfold faster. Divine senses unfold faster. Divine consciousness unfolds faster. The newly divinely realized body begins to restore itself to a higher state and you begin to function as a deity of light as you develop. We all have a God of Light and this tablet will bring that God of Light to the surface. This process used to be hidden from the world and performed only on high mountaintops in a specific region of the world. It is an extremely rare process known by only a few in this world. For this to happen, one will need to perform the practices and mantras within the book every day until Deification is complete. Consistent work will lead to a grand reward. For some, a lifetime of evolution could be shortened to just a few months.
The Opening is a key component of this process. The words of this spell are the original spell words spoken by The Gods Ra and Thoth to the first adept who was blessed with deification. These words have never been revealed to our followers in this manner. The Opening focuses its energy on the aspects of your DNA which are keyed to your higher evolutionary functions. When you open these functions, the remaining functionary energies which are the base elements of godly evolution can receive the energy patterns of deification more easily. Even if you don't have the full tablet, these words will begin the process of opening you up to higher things in a unique manner. This process will be one of the most transformative 30 minutes of your life.
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(9 reviews) Write a Review

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    Golden Transformation!

    Posted by Shirl Rhoades on Oct 3rd 2022

    Listening to this audio brings about a true transformation of BEingness. It's so beautiful and rhythmic. You can't help but to sway to its beat and allow the Golden Transformation to take place! Magical!

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    Posted by Zen on Oct 1st 2022

    First, I'm very grateful for every tool and resource that Tybro releases for my spiritual growth and development. Second, I used this audio with a tool shared in the webinar and felt tingling sensations in my right hand. Just like anything new, I'd like to give this tool more time to get its benefits.

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    Posted by Linda Brown on Sep 30th 2022

    This audio is excellent. I was drawn to listen to it for 3 hours when I first got it. I could feel my energy expland in my third eye. It lasted for 3 days. I had to pull back and do it for 30 minutes a day. Very powerful. Thank you Master. Much appreciated. Many blessings to you.

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    Rapid Deification

    Posted by Bilquiys Tallibah on Sep 28th 2022


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    The Rapid Deification Audio

    Posted by Leigh Ann Phillips on Sep 27th 2022

    Masters, Since playing this daily, i have noticed a pleasant suspension of my human mental mind, and something else being tapped into fruition. It is hard to explain, except to say i just feel better. And i also love the music, and so do my cats! Thank you again for assisting us on this path during this incredible time. I hope every Tybro and Ganden family member takes advantage of this blessing.

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    Rapid Deification Audio

    Posted by Gavrielle on Sep 23rd 2022

    I have been working with the Rapid Deification audio since it's release date (aka a few short days ago). It sounds unlike many of the other audios I have listened to. However, last night and this morning something changed. While reciting the mantra in a trance I could feel my entire body tingle and go weightless. I felt as if I was moving/spinning and somewhat dizzy. I knew as soon as Master released information on the Rapid Deification tablet/webinar/audio that my soul resonated and knew this material. I can't really put it into words but I can feel it's effects in a very short period of time. I highly recommend purchasing and immersing yourself into these beautiful sounds spoken from my spiritual parents Thoth and RA. I am so beyond grateful to the Masters for this gift beyond words.

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    Posted by Shalana on Sep 20th 2022

    Thank you for this gift

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    Posted by brian grabowski on Sep 19th 2022

    Thank you so much Master! The opening prayer is incredible!!! After listening to it once, I am planning to use it to open up my processes from now on. It is started by the prayer recited by Master followed by music that harmoniously seems to calm and heal my soul!!! It is definitely a must have!!!! Thank you Master for this incredible tool of the Spell between these two very precious Celestial God's of Ra and Thoth.

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    Beautifully arousing

    Posted by Marvin Vee on Sep 19th 2022

    I wish I could say what was going on, but I’m sure I can elaborate with more time. For an initial listen, this audio rapidly brought on a blissful charge. I felt a light coursing up my back and a gentle landing at my heart. It’s tranquil and energizing all in one. I can hardly wait for the unfolding. I’m certain there’s great benefit in learning the mantra and reciting along with the audio. The Tybro family continues to outdo itself. Much peace and much love! - MV