The Sambhiad Esed Dragon Clan Healing Stone

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The Sambhiad Esed Dragon Clan Healing Stone


The Sambhiad Esed are the strongest healing clan of dragons in the universe. They are the oldest among all of the dragons and have the ability to heal virtually anything. They also have the ability to change evil energy and evil entities into good entities, essentially changing darkness into light. This stone is the solidified fire of Sambhiad Esed The Elder, who is one of the main progenitors of the clan. The progenitor of the clan is the entity who spits fire into the air and transforms that fire into an egg. The egg then becomes a dragon.


The Sambhiad Esed Dragon Clan Healing Stone is part fire and part egg, but split up into multiple pieces as it came to earth. The stone is part magical dragon energy and part body of the Sambhiad dragon clan. It has tremendous healing energy and is the fire of the elder. These stones are very rare. We have an extremely limited quantity of these stones to offer, though we may have an inside track to securing more. For now we will offer 24 stones. 


Price: $2500


(1 review) Write a Review

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    Another Top Tier Tybro Healing Tool

    Posted by ShelleyRo on Jul 5th 2022

    I knew as soon as I saw these “stones” that they were tied to healing. You can see the energy inside the stone, full of mysteries waiting to be unlocked. I selected a stone and went to curl up in a chair by the window. The stone lit up! I took my stone home and forgot that it was in my purse on my desk as I prepared for a trip early the next morning. That night as I tried to sleep, I saw vision after vision after vision. They came as flashes that I felt as much as I saw. I felt the energy flowing through me. I could feel my eyelids moving. I finally got out of bed and took the stone out of my purse. I sat and meditated with it and the energy seemed to calm down some. My energy however was through the roof. Finally around 7am, I got sleepy. At this point I’d been awake for 25 hours. Throughout a very busy weekend, my energy level stayed very high and my thoughts were very focused and clear. When I returned home from my trip (around midnight) the energy in my house was clear and still. I stayed up to do a few quick chores before settling into bed (with my stone in another room lol) and woke up the next morning well rested. I know that I’ve connected with the stone and hopefully with the Sambhiad Clan. I look forward to working with it more to see what unfolds.