The Healing Call of the Sambhiad Dragon Clan - Audio Download

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The Healing Call of the Sambhiad Dragon Clan - Audio Download 


Dragon calls are specifically a way for any human to call upon the power of the Dragons. I believe that we all have Dragons who watch over us and follow us. Most of the time these Dragons stay hidden until such time that a human can evolve and recognize their full potential. As such, most humans are sleeping and the Dragons sleep with them waiting for the time to enter into their dreams or even into the physical world around them to guide them and help them toward their highest evolution. We all have a higher evolution that is hidden from us.


The healing dragons are the most powerful dragons for the creation of healing and wellness. The Sambhiad is a group of four dragons that create all the healing energy in the universe. This grouping of dragons is stationed at each of the four cardinal locations of the universe; north, south, east, and west. Individually, they are very powerful, but when you use this call you will summon the energy of all the dragons at once. Using this call summons deep healing energy from your kundalini system and your dragon energy for magically healing anything wrong with your body. 


These calls are not written or spoken in the Dragon calls book we released. They are completely new special calls. Each call contains a subliminal track that allows you simply listen to the call and allow the energy to work through your subconscious mind. It also has a consciousness elevation track that raises your consciousness to the point where you can use this successfully.


Time Length: 40:36 

Price: $199.95

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2 Reviews

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    Posted by RNijjar on May 10th 2023

    Its a privilege to become aware of the Sambhiad Dragon clan and Master Gibson generously creating this audio for healing of the highest level is a treasure indeed. The aliveness of the audio is exceptionally heart warming. I feel very grateful to have this recording. Thank you Masters and Thank you the Sambhiad Dragon Clan.

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    Dragon call

    Posted by Heather Cassell on Mar 2nd 2022

    I've only gotten to listen to it a few times but it is very powerful. Gratitude!

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