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Tybro Living Radiators - The Jade Emperor Qudrat Radiator (10")

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  •  Tybro Living Radiators - The Jade Emperor Qudrat Radiator (10")
  •  Tybro Living Radiators - The Jade Emperor Qudrat Radiator (10")
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 Tybro Living Radiators - The Jade Emperor Qudrat Radiator (10")
Tybro Radiators are our most requested item. Our Radiators emits spiritual and magical energy that fills a defined space. This energy has shown itself to be very powerful and very reliable in its ability to project energy as needed. 
Recently, Master Gibson has discovered a way to bring the radiators to life and add even more power to their function. The radiator is now empowered with enchanted animated energy over a wider area. The energy spell visually forms and reforms itself inside the radiator.
We called the upgrade, the living radiator. Living radiators provide energy through a patented continuous motion that outstrips the performance of the previous static radiators by many times. Moving living radiators provide energy not only on a continual basis but are able to be enjoyed as powerful continuous energy producers that may be placed anywhere where electrical power is available. Simply plug your radiator into the wall near a desk, a shelf, or a countertop, and the radiator will fill the entire room with magical power and energy. We plan to produce a number of Radiators which will have increased power, coverage space, and functionality.
Our first radiator that we will release is entitled The Jade Emperor Qudrat radiator. Unlike the old Qudrat spells, this radiator consists of a spell that continually forms and reforms itself over a minute and a half inside the radiator. 
The new spell will radiate Qudrat energy from the celestial treasury of the Jade Emperor continuously through a beautiful magical pattern. This pattern has never been seen before and has never been created in any of our Tybro products. 
Simply place the radiator on a shelf, table top, or desk, and the radiator will fill the space up up to 1000 ft.². 
Several sizes will be available 10", 7", and 5".
This item is custom ordered and can take up to 2 weeks before shipment. 
Note: The video below is not a representation of the Jade Emperor Qudrat Radiator. It is only an example. 
10" - $1850
7" - $1200
5" - $750


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