Tybro Portable Altar Radiator

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The Tybro Portable Altar Radiator


A great number of our followers live in sequestered environments where they cannot pray or worship freely.  Many of you live with family who do not believe as you do.  You have often reported to us that you have nowhere to perform your offerings. This is especially true if you have one room or you are sharing space where offerings would draw unwanted attention.


Even if you have the space and can do offerings comfortably in your home, what happens when you travel? What happens if you want to do your offerings in a hotel room?  What if you are a guest in a home and you want to discretely continue your offerings?  What if you want to do a special offering outside in the forest or by the lake?


We have created a special portable altar that can fit easily in your suitcase, bag, or bookshelf. It is a prayer amplifier radiator specially designed to increase the energy of your prayers and offerings. The portable altar is 12 inches by 9 inches and weighs less than 2 pounds.  The radiator contains no religious markings or beings and even if someone found it, they would only see digital electronic images that would not offend anyone.


Place your candle on one edge. Place your saucer of food or fruit in the middle of the altar.  If you wish, place a small glass of water on the radiator.  Light the candle.  Say your daily prayers and give your offering.  After you are done.  Stow away your entire altar in the altar bag provided.  The entire process takes only a few minutes and you may use any prayer that you like.  In this way, your worship and offering work remains private and no one need know.  You may do the offering on a couch or chair, even on a kitchen counter or in front of your TV. 


Do not do your offerings on your bed, in a bathroom, or in a garage. 


We hope The Tybro Portable Altar will answer many prayers.


Price: $199.95


Note: The portable altar contains a custom radiator that takes 3-4 weeks to arrive before shipment. 


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8 Reviews

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    Wonderful tool to have with daily spiritual practices

    Posted by samuel bacote on Aug 14th 2022

    I have been blessed to have altars in my homes over the years but I am in a career that requires continuous traveling. At first, I was unsure but my Spirit reassured me all would be well and I was guided to this tool. I cherish this tool and grateful I brought it. I mainly use it for ancestral prayers and offerings but I have those times I want to make an offering to the Gods and this tool helps SO MUCH instead of waiting until I get home. Through out usage I have received dreams of confirmation from my ancestors that all is well. Easy to use and store away. If you are serious, this altar is for you.

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    I love this product!

    Posted by Lisa on Mar 4th 2021

    It is exactly what I needed for traveling - lightweight and fits easily into my suitcase. Thank you!!

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    Powerful Altar

    Posted by Meaghan Perrault on Feb 28th 2021

    This altar is perfect and compliments the "How to Find Your Spiritual Parents and Building Your Spiritual Altar Book" very nicely. It's powerful and very accommodating, especially if you are limited with space available to you in which to have your altar to honor the gods and ancestors. I have oriented my altar along the east wall, and look forward to maying offerings daily and tending to it.

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    Ok I have to say this

    Posted by Mark Duncan on Mar 29th 2019

    This altar is amazing. Since my first review I didn't know that it gets better. My work life and love life has gotten tremendously pleasurable and awesome. With work.... its manageable like crazy. With love.....all I can say is we are definitely on the same page if we weren't before and shall be getting married soon. Buy this altar. It is powerful. Love you masters. All is well and take care. Love you so much. Peace everywhere you go.

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    Lots of power

    Posted by Mark Duncan on Feb 15th 2019

    Ok....this wonderful altar I waited for is awesome. I did a offering to my mom and the dream I had the following night was extraordinary. I was at a inheritance party in the dream and checks and money was being passed out to all significant recipients. I know it was the altar that did it. Get one. It works. I love its discreet design and size. Easy to travel with. You won't regret it.

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    A convenient way to do spiritual work on the go

    Posted by Angela Elizabeth on Jun 20th 2018

    This is one of the best investments I’ve made to date! I finally made it along to put my spiritual work first before anything else happens in my day. For somebody who is constantly traveling this has been God-send. No matter where I’m at I can do altar & spiritual work, discreetly and conveniently. I feel the energy from The altar gives my “work” an added energetic boost as well. I even use it for other spiritual work at home that I don’t want to intermingle with my ancestral altars. Great product, Tybro inc. is the best hands down!

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    Convenietnt, Easy and Powerful!

    Posted by David L. Williams on Apr 13th 2018

    I enjoy the use and ease of this portable altar. Because of my changing living situation I have found the PA to be invaluable, and I love that the energy from the radiator helps in my offerings. Thanks for providing this practical and powerful product.

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    Portable Altar

    Posted by on Feb 13th 2018

    Although I live alone, this portable Altar is handy. I live in an apartment and had plumbing issues and strangers where were in my apartment fixing everything for a few days. Easy to put away from prying eyes

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