Spiritual Cleansing Level One (Audio Version)

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Spiritual Cleansing Level One (Audio Version)


Most people obtain Spiritual Cleansing for a number of reasons.  The most common are


1. Divorce -(especially nasty ones)

2. Repeated financial difficulty

3. Relationship/family problems of a recurrent nature

4. Unusual disturbances in the home or in the workplace

5. Prior to entering into deep spiritual/meditative work

6. Persistant Spiritual Disturbances

7. A feeling of heaviness and lethargy associated with intense negative  energy.


Spiritual Cleansing and why are they necessary?

Many people believe that if you suddenly stop a non-positive behavior that your energy is free from the years of damage that may have built up in your system. The years of drinking, smoking, cursing, infidelity, watching dangerous movies, reading horror books and telling lies stay in your system both in your cells and energetically. Changing your life and behavior and using certain prayers and tools help to reverse some of the damage but it does not clear you of the effects of the damage or energy. Spirit Attachments and other energy takers are attracted to the energy vibration that those behaviors carry with them. Just praying and wishing them to be gone is not an effective way to clear your body of this energy. One way to clear your body is to get A Spiritual Cleansing.


Entities and negative energy can be stored in your Aura which is the energy emanation field that surrounds each of us. This field helps to protect the body from pollutants in the air, our environment and negative entities. Depending on the strength of a person's Aura many things can slip through and begin to attack the body.


The Physical Body requires Cleansing but so does your Energy Body but it is always forgotten and it just may have the solution you have been seeking.


Listen to the advanced audio everyday, for 30 days straight to complete the cleanse.


Price: $300.00


(No reviews yet) Write a Review