The Wealth Cleanse (Audio Version)

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The Wealth Cleanse (Audio Version)


The fear of having is an idea that has been implanted in our minds for centuries. And without knowing it, we have been trained to consciously give offerings to the Gods of suffering, through acts such as gambling. Many individuals have a conflicted relationship with money. Often, they begin to sabotage their ability to have, or even maintain it. They feel more comfortable not having, or giving it away due to a fear of prosperity and never push themselves to aspire beyond comfortable means.


Individuals also struggle in regards to self-esteem and money, in that they feel as though they do not deserve to have it. This mindset hinders one from allowing him or herself the opportunity to prosper and flourish.


Most people also do not develop a relationship with money Gods, such as the Jade Emperor, Goddess Fortuna, etc. Establishing a relationship with such divine beings allows you to bring money into your life more freely and easily. The wealth cleansing ritual is intended to begin establishing these relationships, and cleanse the need to struggle with your wealth.


Over many life times, the negative energy that is associated with the lack of these practices builds up. If not cleared correctly, it can stay with us for the duration of the soul’s existence and can cause unwanted effects. We see these struggles with people all around the world. To help, we have created a cleanse that will resurrect your purist wealth consciousness, while also activating, storing and protecting wealth cells.


Listen to the advanced audio everyday, for 30 days straight to complete the cleanse.


Price: $99.95


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9 Reviews

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    It works

    Posted by Kevin Queens on Mar 6th 2024

    Multiple sums of money continue to find its way to me since I began listening to this wealth cleanse everyday. Some small, some large. Always equally grateful. My girlfriend who I live with has also benefited from my listening of this audio.

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    This Audio … ?

    Posted by Norton M. on Jul 21st 2023

    I’ve been in love with this audio since I bought it. I listen to it everyday, multiple times a day. I just love the symphony. Such a beautiful audio piece. Thank you for this one also Masters.

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    Cleansing poverty consciousness

    Posted by Ryan Rhodes on Jul 12th 2023

    In my opinion, this is a perfect tool to kick start your journey of dissolving poverty consciousness. I prayed for an idea of what tool to invest in next to help with my wealth, prosperity and finances and the wealth cleanse is what came to mind. So, I started the cleanse 20 days ago and I already feel a heavy weight lifting off my shoulders. I don't know if its just me but the sounds of the recording of what I initially heard have changed, hahah up until about 4 days ago. I'm still trying to adjust to whats happening. It seems like my consciousness is evolving around the cleanse the more I listen to it. That is the best way I can describe what I'm experiencing. I believe there are elements within the music notes of the recording that are transferring bits of data to my cells and DNA thats causing my consciousness to react in that way. I never really looked at the idea of just hearing classical music being played and It having such an affect on me. Everyday I look forward to laying down and listening to this recording relaxed with my headphones on, waiting to see if I might hear something new and discover a new sound that I haven't heard before. Very exciting. I've also just discovered that playing the recording at 3 in the morning for 3 months straight adds some extra benefit and allows it to be more effective. I really look for to seeing wealth flow into my being as I use this magical wonderful product. My deepest gratitude to you TYBRO. Thank you Father Djanthi & Mother Acharya. I love you.

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    This has Changed my life and mindset

    Posted by Kay on Mar 7th 2023

    I wrote an in depth review but it somehow wouldn’t post. I really want to give thanks and recognition to Tybro. This audio has made huge shifts in my relationship with finances. I have had opportunities come out of nowhere! Stimulus checks I didn’t know about. I had an accident check come in. I got a job after being laid off where I can walk to work. This 100 dollar investment came back to me probably at least 10,000 dollars so far. I am still listening to it after the 30 days. I highly recommend! I even have my friends and mother listening. I think it truly changes your mind and attitude. It opened me to receiving .

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    wealth cleanse

    Posted by Tim Snodgrass on Jan 12th 2023

    growing up lower middle class in western nevada i was raised with a very strong lack mentality that ive slowely started to overcome recently. i install flooring as a trade. things have been slowing down a bit as of late. i got this download and literally the 1st 3 days i did this i recieved a call for a job each day. im 2 weeks in now and am finally feeling optomism for my financial future. this is a wonderful product

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    The Most Beautiful Tybro Audio Available

    Posted by Gavrielle W on Jun 16th 2022

    The Wealth Cleanse might possibly be the most BEAUTIFUL audio that Master has released. It makes me so happy whenever I listen to it, and often times I will just have it playing on repeat because I enjoy it so much. I love to play it while I work (I work in Finance so it just makes sense) and manifest. I have had a lot of blocks regarding money even though I have been very fortunate my whole life. I know this is something I needed to work through because the blessings are overflowing but I don’t ever want to stand in the way of my abundance. I purchased the Jade Emperor’s Wealth Energy Report and this was one of the tool’s recommended to me. I have been playing this audio for well over the recommended 30 days and anticipate playing it year round. There was a period before using the audio where the financials were coming but not as much as I would have hoped. After working with this tool, it truly felt like money was falling out of the sky. Commissions like I couldn’t believe and increased my earnings over 150% in a very short time period. I truly believe this tool accompanied by other Tybro Tools and altar work have supported and allowed these blessings. I am so appreciative to have this tool available for my use and truly encourage others to make the purchase. Working on our wealth bodies are so important and this will really amplify your efforts. Have to shout out how beautiful it sounds one more time because I love it that much.

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    Sounds beautiful

    Posted by Joshua and Gavrielle on Mar 24th 2022

    A pleasant cleansing audio. It sounds great and is tool to help the wealth currents flow in your life. More than enough reasons to download and listen. We enjoy while we work haha bring me the money! Thanks Tybro Team!

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    Posted by John K White on Dec 28th 2021

    Changing me from inside out!!!

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    One word "Master"

    Posted by Marilva Engelentina on Dec 13th 2021

    1st day i was listening and my left hand start shaking.

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