The Wealth Cleanse (Audio Version)

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The Wealth Cleanse (Audio Version)


The fear of having is an idea that has been implanted in our minds for centuries. And without knowing it, we have been trained to consciously give offerings to the Gods of suffering, through acts such as gambling. Many individuals have a conflicted relationship with money. Often, they begin to sabotage their ability to have, or even maintain it. They feel more comfortable not having, or giving it away due to a fear of prosperity and never push themselves to aspire beyond comfortable means.


Individuals also struggle in regards to self-esteem and money, in that they feel as though they do not deserve to have it. This mindset hinders one from allowing him or herself the opportunity to prosper and flourish.


Most people also do not develop a relationship with money Gods, such as the Jade Emperor, Goddess Fortuna, etc. Establishing a relationship with such divine beings allows you to bring money into your life more freely and easily. The wealth cleansing ritual is intended to begin establishing these relationships, and cleanse the need to struggle with your wealth.


Over many life times, the negative energy that is associated with the lack of these practices builds up. If not cleared correctly, it can stay with us for the duration of the soul’s existence and can cause unwanted effects. We see these struggles with people all around the world. To help, we have created a cleanse that will resurrect your purist wealth consciousness, while also activating, storing and protecting wealth cells.


Listen to the advanced audio everyday, for 30 days straight to complete the cleanse.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review