Archangel Barakiel

Archangel Barakiel Essential Oil

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Archangel Barakiel Essential Oil


The Archangel Barakiel is the most powerful entity connected to changing one’s fortune for the better. He is known by many as the "angel of blessings" and is responsible for generating and maintaining all the fortunes on this planet. Barakiel intervenes on behalf of people in need, asking the Gods to give them blessings in all areas of their lives from career and relationships to much more. This Archangel has legions of angels that serve under his domain. Each of his angels helps the human race to evolve and gain more of the fortune that belongs to us. He is ranked as both an Archangel and a Seraphim of the Presence of God. 

Each one of these oils are empowered by Qabbalistic formulas and amplified by the essence of the angel. This is a new way to receive power from this angel. This product is not to be ingested. It is to be inhaled from a diffuser or diluted and applied to skin.

Angelic Essence: Archangel Barakiel

Scent: Lemon

Benefits: Increases the users ability to manifest more blessings in life
Price: $50
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