The Archangel of Great Fortune (Barakiel) Medallion

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The Archangel of Great Fortune Medallion


The Archangel Barakiel is the most powerful entity connected to changing one’s fortune for the better. He is known by many as the "angel of blessings" and is responsible for generating and maintaining all the fortunes on this planet. Barakiel intervenes on behalf of people in need, asking the Gods to give them blessings in all areas of their lives from career and relationships to much more. This Archangel has legions of angels that serve under his domain. Each of his angels helps the human race to evolve and gain more of the fortune that belongs to us. He is ranked as both an Archangel and a Seraphim of the Presence of God. 


The Angel of Great Fortune medallion is an invocation of the Archangel Barakiel.  Wearing his invocation is a powerful message to heaven that you desire more from life and that you are ready to receive it. This is the only medallion of its kind. Acquiring and wearing this blessed item will change your life.  In order to activate it, focus on the energy of joy while looking at the medallion for 10 minutes per day. The Archangel will hear your joy as an invocation. The energy enlarges and expands the Prima portion of the soul so that all the resources, wealth and material energies that the owner needs may find their way into his/her lives more easily.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


NOTE: Do NOT curse, drink alcohol, or make love when wearing or using this item. Also, do not get it wet. If you do not follow these guidelines, this tool will begin to lose it’s power or even work against you. If already done so, say a prayer and apologize to the Gods and you will be forgiven.



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(4 reviews) Write a Review

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    The Archangel of Great Fortune ( Barakiel) Medallion

    Posted by Christoval R Moreno on May 13th 2020

    I also had a visitation from the Archangel BARAKIEL, three weeks before I even bought it!! This was his conformation of great blessings yet to come! The waiting for it to arrive was very anticipated! Shipping and handling was great!!

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    Powerful Medallion

    Posted by David L. Williams on May 6th 2018

    This medallion has helped me connect with house of Barakiel more powerfully. Since I'm from the 4th Angelic House which is Barakiel, I now have a stronger connection and more ah-ha moments. Thanks for teaching about AA Barakiel and providing this powerful medallion.

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    So Happy!

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 30th 2018

    I had a dream prior to ordering this medallion, one shown to me by my deity and Arch Angel Barakiel, at first it didn’t make sense but the dream was so vivid i couldn’t get it out of my mind, the day i ordered the medallion i used my last, that day I was excited and fulfilled, my dream finally made sense and i couldn’t hold back my emotions. I’ve been going through some tough trials lately but while the medallion was on its way the blessing started to roll in before I even received it. My mind and my life are turned around and I am so thankful.

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    Car sold without effort

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 9th 2016

    I had been wanting to sell a car I didn't need anymore and knew I would get nothing for it at a dealership. I really didn't want to sell it privately either. I had been wearing the medallion for 2 weeks when someone approached me about buying the car. They were happy to pay asking price too. I am very grateful for this medallion and I thank you for offering it on your website.