Consolidating Spell Holder

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                                                 Consolidating Spell Holder

For years we have been trying to figure out how to consolidate the power of our tools. Many of us travel, or are away from home for hours at a time on a daily basis. Due to this, we leave a majority of our products at home on our altar; which I highly advise you to do, as these are very powerful tools that need to be handled delicately. However, in doing so, we disconnect from some of these items and only engulf ourselves with the item that is on or near our person, whether a tablet or a medallion.

With the help of the God Thoth, I have designed a tool like no other. I have combined a series of spells, gems, radiators, and Scrolls.  Their energies have been intertwined and connected with a powerful ritual to permanently connect their bond no matter the circumstance. This works as a secure two way portal between the consciousness of your tools and your own consciousness.
You will first receive the following;

           -stone (inside locket)
           -scroll (Inside locket   

    - Consolidating Radiator

Next, you will place your radiator on or next to your altar. Any products that can fit on top of the radiator will be connected (stack vertically) to your locket. Following, you will place the locket around your neck or in either hand. Meditate for 20 min while playing the Free Miracle Prayer. Once that has finished, recite the prayer closest to your heart finishing with 3 deep breaths, hold the last one for 15 secs then exhale. From here your journey begins.

Wearing the locket allows you to connect with the energy of your tools. No longer will you have to wear several medallions or carry multiple radiators at once. Simply place your tools on top of the consolidating radiator, and you will connect with all of the energies.



Price: $600


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2 Reviews

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    Truly Magical!!!

    Posted by R. Coates on Dec 17th 2021

    I pondered over purchasing this item for a few months. I wasn't sure how it would/could benefit my spiritual practices. The term "spiritual growth" means exactly what it says. I didn't see the benefit because I was not ready to receive the gift. Programming is REAL... and it is an everyday battle, but it can be done. When I was ready, I purchased and waited for it to arrive. I believe this item started connecting with my consciousness soon after the actual purchase. When it arrived I was a little nervous about wearing it. I was afraid that I would lose it or break it...and then I had to check myself... see...programming again. The moment I completed the ritual and completely connected with the item I knew this was exactly what I needed. I experienced a strong energy rush. It's hard to explain, but it was a very good feeling. This item is truly magical!!! I highly recommend!!! Thank you Masters for a unique gift! The cost cannot even measure what its true value is.

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    A Divine Gift!

    Posted by Von O. Hodge II on Mar 20th 2019

    This is heaven sent! I've been praying for a way to better stay connected with my tools. The Consolidating Spell Holder is the answer to my prayers. I am thankful to my Divine family for the Masters presence in my life. Thank you Father Thoth! Thank you Father, Master Dr. Mitchell Gibson! Thank you Mother, Master Kathy Gibson! Thank you Tybro/ Ganden family!

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