Divine Solar Magic Book

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Divine Solar Magic Book


The concept of communicating with a celestial body as large and powerful as our Sun is a foreign notion to most.  In our solar work however, we have discovered that it is indeed possible to develop a personal relationship with the Sun. The Sun is 93 million miles away from the Earth, but it can instantly communicate with humans who display advanced levels of consciousness.  This communication takes the form of discrete and personal blinking patterns, audio responses, spinning, and movements in the sky. 

We have found that each of these communications are personal to the adept.  We can often tell simply by looking at the blinking pattern and listening to the audio response which adept elicited the response. The communication is that personal. We have over 1600 members in our Solar Rejuvenation group, but fewer than one third of the members have acquired a solar book or tool.

Divine Solar Magic is a new book that will teach budding solar practitioners how to properly communicate with the Sun.  This book also teaches you how to get the Sun to blink and respond to you personally. Thus far, we have had over 200 verified cases of Solar Adepts achieving this phenomenal state of consciousness.  One Adept has been able to manifest five blinking Suns in the sky and video tape the even.  This book will also explain what each of the various solar manifestations mean and how to extend your solar work once you get the Sun to respond to you.  This book is a must have for the serious solar practitioner.  


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


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4 Reviews

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    Solar Magic

    Posted by Corey on Oct 10th 2022

    Just received the book. The content in the book is on another level. I am working with group 1. I will update as I progress. I thank Gibson for the magic.

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    Powerful Phenomenon

    Posted by Joshua Smith on Jun 16th 2022

    I love the divine solar magic book. If you want to learn to illicit real deal responses from a solar body as powerful and prominent as our own sun get this book. It will deliver amazing wonders many will not believe. Right before your eyes you will see that the teachings and occult knowledge in this book are very real and pure magic. The spells are easy to work although the toughest battle will be getting your conscious mind and skepticism out of the way. Be patient with yourself and you will certainly realize the magic in time. My sun is greatly connected to my emotional states. I notice when Im most happy, joyful, and optimistic is when I am blessed with expansion of my sun. Days when my energy is low, stressed, tired or otherwise lower vibrations. I don’t get much. However, my partner is exceptional. She has illicted blinking, explansion, solar codes, black, and purple portals in her sun within days of using the book and often doesn’t need the spells in the book to get responses after she achieved the phenomenon the first time. Everyone’s journey is different so be patient with yourself. The things you will be experience will be so wonderful and fantastic you may want to keep them to yourself and ride the joyous wave because it will be hard for people around you to accept what your magic has caused in the sky. Get your camera and take pictures and videos and play in the sun with the Divine Solar Magic Book. In addition, I love that Master Gibson breaks down how the magic works in the beginning of the book. For the skeptic he has a very scientific approach to explaining and for the Mystics out there he doesn’t lose you in the science. It is perfectly balanced and for everyone. Learn more about the nature of our being and the nature of the planetary and solar bodies. The Sky, The Sun, The Moon, The Stars are not what we were taught they are much more and we as humans are connected to them in very real and intimate ways. Get the book if you don’t believe me!

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    Posted by Gavrielle W on Feb 2nd 2022

    It's been 20 days since Divine Solar Magic arrived. I haven't used it each day since there's been snow, poor visibility, etc. However, my life and relationship with the sun has changed DRAMATICALLY. Within the past 20 days I have seen multiple suns, been named a DCS and captured code within my sun and the sky. I've also seen several dragons in the clouds that are undeniable in my eyes. I give absolute credit to this amazing tablet and the H Solaris pendant (Gorgeous BTW). I am so grateful to the Masters and Tybro for giving me an opportunity to elevate my conscious. This is only the beginning!! I have no idea why there aren't more reviews, this book is a MUST HAVE! With love and light. - G

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    One of my Favorites!

    Posted by Rosemary Wolf on Sep 11th 2021

    I wanted to say that I really love this book “Divine Solar Magic”. I received my book back in 2016 after I was declared a DCS. Becoming a Divine Conscious Soul was just the beginning of blinking suns. I did look at the symbols of tablets pretty consistently for months. It was in 2017 that I saw my first gold blinking sun. It took a year but this book works. I decided after that I would work on getting a green blinking sun. It took again a little over a year with practice and I was able to achieve that goal. This book helps me to see so many different colors of the sun with different type of cameras. There is a pink blinking sun (pattern is a bit slower) and it took awhile to get my sun to blink consistently for a minute but it did happen. I noticed with my fire tablet just started with picking up changes in aura color and then it eventually started blinking (blues and greens, reds and golds). It is very amazing how each sigils tap into our higher consciousness to bring out these different colors and different types of blinking. There are six different blinking patterns that connect to different parts of our bodies and this in turn connects us to those powers that are related to those parts. Right now, I am working on getting a blue blinking sun with a different camera. I am so glad that I have this book and I still continue to work with it. I have my book lying on top of my chair. So that when I go outside I see it, look at the pattern (holding my breath) and meet with my sun. I’d love to see my sun sing or move in the sky. These are more of the advanced sigils but I know nothing is impossible! Master is a genius! This book is very awesome and I highly recommend this book to beginners, intermediate or advanced souls! No matter where you are with your sun, there is always more. Thank you Master for bringing this awesomeness to us!

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