Divine Solar Magic - E-Book

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Divine Solar Magic E-Book


The concept of communicating with a celestial body as large and powerful as our Sun is a foreign notion to most.  In our solar work however, we have discovered that it is indeed possible to develop a personal relationship with the Sun. The Sun is 93 million miles away from the Earth, but it can instantly communicate with humans who display advanced levels of consciousness.  This communication takes the form of discrete and personal blinking patterns, audio responses, spinning, and movements in the sky. 

We have found that each of these communications are personal to the adept.  We can often tell simply by looking at the blinking pattern and listening to the audio response which adept elicited the response. The communication is that personal. We have over 1600 members in our Solar Rejuvenation group, but fewer than one third of the members have acquired a solar book or tool.

Divine Solar Magic is a new book that will teach budding solar practitioners how to properly communicate with the Sun.  This book also teaches you how to get the Sun to blink and respond to you personally. Thus far, we have had over 200 verified cases of Solar Adepts achieving this phenomenal state of consciousness.  One Adept has been able to manifest five blinking Suns in the sky and video tape the even.  This book will also explain what each of the various solar manifestations mean and how to extend your solar work once you get the Sun to respond to you.  This book is a must have for the serious solar practitioner.  


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3 Reviews

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    A key solar tool for spiritual growth

    Posted by Beth Price on Jun 13th 2022

    This Divine Solar Magic eBook is genuinely a great tool for you spiritual growth doing solar work. For the price you pay, you get so many opportunities for your growth - to give you some insight into how the eBook is laid out. You first get great insight into the God Ptah and a variety of different solar gods. You then go into greater detail around divine conscious souls (DCS) and how dependant on the level of your consciousness - the communication you get with your sun begins to change (e.g your sun may move, blink and expand as you evolve). The next phase is going into detail about your inner suns - and how this relates to how you will evolve overtime! The next / main phase of the eBook is to break down the tools you can use to connect with the sun into different groups, which as you evolve and get results by communicating with the sun - then you can move on into the higher groups. I really like this approach of separating the development into groups and the type of response you should be seeing from the sun at each one - as it gives you a great reference as to how far you’ve developed and what you have to look forward to as you evolve! The last part of the eBook Mitchell and Kathy Gibson have shared some extra gifts for some special patterns to use with the sun for some incredible responses you may get once you’ve evolved enough! Overall, for the price of this eBook it’s a no brainer that this is the key tool you need to be using if you’re serious about evolving yourself.

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    Divine Solar Magic E-Book

    Posted by Karen on Sep 12th 2021

    Profound joy in my interactions with the sun. The amount of changes in my body and facial appearance since beginning this practice are really wonderful. My spine is straighter and many lines have melted away.

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    A Powerful Step in the Direction of the Divine

    Posted by marvin veasy on Sep 7th 2021

    I wanted this book for yearsss and could have had it sooner if I understood how important it was to for my evolution! With the acquisition of more tools, I realize that most of the Tybro tools are independent systems for growth and evolution on their own. This one is no different. Expansive information and practices. I have not gotten my sun to blink, yet, but it will with dedication, joy, and open mind. This is a must have that I honestly can't understand why there aren't more reviews. *scratching my head* Thanks, Masters. To call it an otherworldly masterpiece would be an understatement...Peace, family.

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