Inspiration is Within Reach - E-Book

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Inspiration is Within Reach - E-Book



We fight for the right to be independent as we grow up and make our own choices, only to depend on others to make sure we made the right decisions. We seem to always seek permission from others whenever we are faced with difficult choices in our lives. This behavior tends to imprison us into living out someone else’s idea of our life. I wanted to share some thoughts I have had over the years on how to be self-reliant. How to listen to your inner voice to seek the answers to your questions. How to trust your instincts whenever faced with life’s dilemmas and feel comfortable with whatever the outcome.


I am a Spiritual Teacher, Mother, Wife, Author, and Entrepreneur. People often come to me to permit them to do what their souls already know they need to do for themselves. I receive hundreds of emails daily wanting help or advice on life’s situations. I have found that human behavior is so similar that regardless of race, sex or socio-economic background, we all experience similar things. I started to answer those emails by posting a series of inspirational thoughts so that others would also receive the same enlightened perspective.


This book is composed of those thoughts. I hope that somewhere amongst them you will find something that encourages you to search within for your answers. These posts first appeared on Facebook. Some are short and inspirational, and others are longer and more thought-provoking. These posts were all written around the theme of looking within thyself and taking responsibility for your actions and choices. The Most significant discovery is within the mind. Your search should start there.


Kathy Gibson has over three decades of experience as a corporate executive and is now President and Co-owner of She is an author, audio artist, public speaker, radio host, television producer, mother, wife, and spiritual teacher. In concert with her husband, Dr. Mitchell Gibson, she has created a variety of spiritual and wellness tools that have helped thousands of people create truly miraculous events in their lives.


In 1995, Kathy had a close encounter with the Creator that changed the trajectory of her belief system and sent her down the path of spirituality. This contrast to her Christian upbringing as a preacher's daughter gives her powerful emotional intelligence. She shares this unique gift in her new e-book, Inspiration is Within Reach.


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    Inspiration Is Within Reach

    Posted by Brooklyn on May 26th 2023

    Thank you Master Kathy for the inspiration. A great read fill with love and wisdom. I spoke yesterday to someone about the power of choice and today, boom it was it was being spoken to me. Thank you for that. A few other things were said in this book that made me say aha, so with that being said i give gratitude to Master Kathy and the Tybro family.

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