Miracle Prayer: Breaking Curses and Removing Dark Forces Audio Download

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The New Miracle Prayer to Break Curses and Remove Dark Forces utilizes the latest Biblical Healing Technology that we have discovered.  There are three critical components to this and other recordings of its genre that we will soon release. 

One:  The background rain only sounds like rain.  We have taken each letter in the 72 Letter Name of God and transformed it into a musical note.  Each note was then exported to a MIDI file.  Each note in the file is then transposed into a sound that resembles rain.  What you are hearing in this portion of the recording is the 72 Letter Name of God transformed into rain.  The 72 Letter Name of God is one of the most powerful Names given to us by the Creator.  Its power is said to control all of reality. 

Two:  The 72 Letter Name of God was then again transformed into music.  The Name was transformed into Beautiful Ambient Stringed instruments and Cavernous String Instruments.  The sound of the instruments is formed solely by the Name.  No transposition or additions of any kind were added.  The beauty of the piece has been hidden in the bible for thousands of years. 

Three:  I have searched the Ancient Hebrew Version of the Bible for passages that address a number of problems in our world.  The ancient versions of our Bible contain the original power of the Creator.  Using the original words retains this power and according to legend, the correct use of these words can help mankind overcome any problem.  The modern versions of the Bible have changed these words significantly. These verses are interspersed throughout the recording. 

The voice that you hear in this recording is me speaking these beautiful verses in the original Hebrew.


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13 Reviews

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    I have so many Audios that I'm going to have to make a schedule to listen to them all.

    Posted by James Arrington El on Jul 3rd 2024

    I have not listened to this audio yet in detail but what I heard was beautiful so far.

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    Posted by Viki on Jan 4th 2024

    The feeling when I first played this audio was remarkable, I felt energy being lifted off me, like on strings, being removed. It's hard to explain, things that didn't belong to me, that's all I know, and it felt amazing,

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    Miracle Prayer

    Posted by Chelsea on Sep 4th 2023

    I just bought this the other day, and I still am trying to soak in what happened to me the other night. I played it for the first time the other night while I took a nap at work. I am not someone who has spent a lot of time in a church or reading any holy scriptures but I’m almost positive this person I saw was from heaven. I fell asleep while listening to this around 430 in the morning. Right before I was about to wake up I started experiencing sleep paralysis. I am typically very aware during those times and I am always terrified. There has never been a time in my life during that paralysis when my heart is not racing or where I’m not praying to completely just wake up. This was the first time in my life that it was different. My heart was not racing, I actually felt just fine. It felt like I was being covered by a blanket of peace and serenity. There was a man who was carrying me and he placed me right back into my body. I felt so comfortable that I reached my hand out for him and I started to talk. I have never tried to speak to any entity in my life. Especially not during any sort of sleep paralysis. I honestly felt like a child being carried and placed back into my body by an angel. I wasn’t sure who he was but I think he was surprised that I could see him. After he placed me back into my body he started to walk away. That’s when I tried to talk and reach my hand out for him. I know he heard me because he turned around and looked back at me and then he turned back around and left. He was wearing a black hoodie and is face was completely darkened out so I was not able to see any features at all. I do not recall seeing wings, and I think he had on black pants. I have not done a lot of searching online to find out who he was but I know just by that feeling I had that he was not a wondering spirit or some sort of evil entity. This man was from heaven. I’m not sure what his role is. I do not know if he’s an angel or some sort of knight; but I definitely would like for that man to stay around me and my family. I plan on listening to this on a daily basis. That was wonderful. Thank you Master Gibson and Master Acharya ?.

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    Posted by Amma on Feb 21st 2023

    Gratitude for Creating and offering these Audio files. Play this often especially in the background when many energies are present in home or business or when cleaning

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    Miracle prayer

    Posted by Dave McDonald on Feb 6th 2023

    This has helped me 100%

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    Miracle Prayer, Breaking Curses

    Posted by Krista on Jul 30th 2022

    This clears any curses placed on you directly and indirectly, all of them. I listened to it on repeat all night and then 1x per week more or less. I would recommend more often if you feel you are being targeted, this is a really good audio. Breaking curses is mostly to get rid of past stuff or to listen after an attack. Its not for protection , I think there are other products here on Tybro for personal protection that are recommended. If I have time I try and follow up with the Soul Cleansing Audio, it really feels good and I notice less people trying to control me, less evil eye, less attack and people being much more pleasant. For me this Breaking Curses and the Spirit Attachment Removal, the soul cleanse and the Reversing Dark Forces are essential. As an adjunct, reversing dark forces strongly clears the environment around you after breaking any curses or anything maybe hiding inside or around you. I played Reversing dark forces as I was being attacked by someone and it stopped the attack dead in its tracks so I didnt need to also use breaking curses instead went to the Soul cleanse. Breaking curses is also good if you have had bad luck or have cursed yourself by talking putting yourself down it clears that up.

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    Miracle prayer /remove curses

    Posted by Jason M. on May 9th 2022

    Like the lightness that comes after listening to this unique recording.

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    Truly the Best

    Posted by Laverne Williams on Jul 14th 2021

    Dear Dr. and Mrs. Gibson, I pray this note finds you both well. Recently I partially listened to this audio on YouTube and determined I could not continue to live without it in my home. I have for years followed you and your wifes' service ministry for years secretively, but have used the 72 names in my personal transformation meditations for many more. Yet I could not achieve the personal breakthroughs which I desired until I listened. I would like to thank you guys for your sacrifices and service, especially for this production. Many Blessings and Love to you Both

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    No more trouble sleeping

    Posted by Camile White on Aug 10th 2020

    I was having trouble sleeping, felt like a Spirtual attack, after listening to this for one night, I felt peace within my self and slept like a baby. Thank you masters.

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    Exactly what was needed

    Posted by Stefanie Suydam on May 25th 2020

    I have been tortured with a looming dark essence most of my life, since childhood. Noticing it more later in life and looking back it felt as though I was cursed. I have tried many things with varying degrees of success. I played this recording before bed and fell asleep. When I woke up I was completely rested, also something I haven’t felt since a small child. As the day went on the negative habits I had been tempted to cope before no longer felt needed. I feel a very strange sense of freedom. Probably because I’m not accustomed to it. I forgot what it felt like. Thank you for this miraculous work.

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