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The New Miracle Prayer: Healing the Trauma of Abortion, utilizes the latest Biblical Healing Technology that we have discovered.  There are three critical components to this and other recordings of its genre that we will soon release. 

One:  The background rain only sounds like rain.  We have taken each letter in the 42 Letter Name of God and transformed it into a musical note.  Each note was then exported to a MIDI file.  Each note in the file is then transposed into a sound that resembles rain.  What you are hearing in this portion of the recording is the 42 Letter Name of God transformed into rain.  The 42 Letter Name of God is one of the most powerful Names given to us by the Creator.  Its power is said to control all of reality. We call it The Miracle Prayer.  This is the first recording that we have released that includes The Miracle Prayer in this form. 


Two:  I have searched the Ancient Hebrew Version of the Bible for passages that address a number of problems in our world.  The ancient versions of our Bible contain the original power of the Creator.  Using the original words retains this power and according to legend, the correct use of these words can help mankind overcome any problem.  The modern versions of the Bible have changed these words significantly. These verses are interspersed throughout the recording. The voice that you hear in this recording is me speaking these beautiful verses in the original Hebrew.


Three: I have placed the four passages in subliminal form throughout the entire recording.  Even when you do not hear the Hebrew passages, they are there underneath the rain and music, helping you heal.


Price: $19.95


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


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1 Review

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    Very soothing, incredibly effective

    Posted by Queen on Nov 28th 2022

    I have listened to this audio 3 times, but really heared it the last one. Thank you so much <3 Just still your mind and let yourself enter the sounds.

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