Oculus: Third Eye Mastery

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The third eye is one of the most mysterious organs in the body.  We use it every night when we sleep.  We sleep when our eyes are closed, but we can see very well in dreams.  We see with the vision of the third eye in dreams.  When we visualize images in the imagination or during meditation, we use the third eye.  When we hear music in the mind, or think of loved ones far away, we use the faculties of the third eye.  The Third Eye is always active and it allows us to communicate with realities that the conscious mind does not often understand.
The third eye has many functions and abilities that we know nothing about.  The third eye can project images of you into the dreams of others.  It can help you travel into other worlds, physically.  It can teach you magic.  The third eye is in reality another person living inside you that experiences reality in a larger more magical way than you do. It is the seat of your highest reality.  Oculus is a textbook that introduces you to the hidden reality of the third eye. Oculus also helps you learn to exercise, develop, and magnify the power of your third eye.  The third eye is a powerful psychic muscle that most people hardly ever develop.  In Oculus, we give you secrets to its development that are rare and unique.  The Order of the Red Dragon has sanctioned the release of these secrets at this time and we are happy to provide them to a world in need.  
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(2 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5

    Posted by phillip nowlin on Feb 7th 2020

    My studies with Oculus have been eye opening!!! What I have experienced is a rapid focused growth of my energy and power. Oculus anchors to my core and accelerates my opening.

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    Highly recommended!

    Posted by Lori Schwartz on Oct 6th 2019

    This powerful book gives the reader invaluable methods to open the third eye. There are simple processes that can be done a few minutes a day to greatly change your consciousness. Highly recommended!