The Eye of Alrion

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Dragon's Eye


Dragons are known as some of the post powerful beings in our universe. For millions of years, they have soared through our skies and into the deepest parts of the universe, gathering knowledge and information from energies in the furthest parts of existence. Some of the most advanced knowledge humans have uncovered has been presented to us through dragon consciousness.  Many famous leaders, philosophers, and scientist have had direct contact with some form of dragon consciousness through very unique gems. The gems hold consciousness particles that link directly into human DNA. This process works very similar to an update that happens to your Apple phone. Many of these public figures never realized what was occurring due to the gems being in very exquisite jewelry.  Dragons put their consciousness in such pieces to protect their knowledge from negative, low energy beings.


After years of searching, I have finally found a set of stones that hold dragon consciousness at an amazing level. These stones were discovered in a brown leather pouch buried about 2ft deep, right around the base of Mount Dzhimara in Russia.


The Eye of Alrion 

The Dragon Alrion grants the following powers:

Increased life span, increased intuition and clairvoyance, telepathic connection with Alrion, gradual development of an uncanny sense of ideas that create money Alrion is still a young dragon in the dragon form. He has not yet transformed into light and is still available for contact in the human world. He remembers being human very well and he still enjoys transforming into that form. He will transport the aspirant anywhere that you wish. He is friendly but stern in his demands. He will always ask for a cup of tea, English Breakfast, cream and sugar, in a fine porcelain tea service. If you do not provide these things, he will not help you.



Placing these on your altar will allow the dragons to watch over your house and your energy, no matter where you are. Meditating for 20 minutes with the stone in your left hand activates the download process. Rarely will you ever receive the same download. After the 20 minute meditation, work on some kind of creative project. This will help the energy of the download flow more easily. The length of time you work on this project is up to you, but we recommend for at least 10 minutes. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review