Reincarnation and Ascension : The Complete Rules

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Over 75% of the world’s population believes in reincarnation.  Many people also believe that the soul can rise to a higher station in its existence if one makes the right choices in life. Others believe that the soul can descend to a lower state of existence if one repeatedly makes the wrong choices.  In ancient times, many cultures prepared the mind, body, and soul for their existence in another life while one still lived on earth.  In modern times, our focus rests squarely on surviving, paying the bills, and living from day to day. We no longer place a premium on life in the next world or how we can improve our existence here.
Life here is important, but life in the larger more eternal sense of the word is far more important.
There is a system through which our lives in this world are judged. Every action, every thought, and every choice are judged and recorded by a vast system of beings that ultimately determine the fate of your soul.  How you live, how you love, how you hate, how you forgive, how you die are all real events that have an impact on your soul. 
The time of year that one dies, the time of day, the month, the hour, the circumstances all make a difference as to how one is handled in the next world.  The rules and regulations that apply to the soul are numerous and we all are affected by them.  Violent deaths are judged differently than quiet peaceful deaths.  Lives spent in service to others are judged differently than other lives.  Deaths occurring in young people are reviewed differently than those in older bodies.  Saving the lives of others helps tremendously in the evolution and ascension of a soul.  Diligent work with the spiritual forces and tools available to a soul helps in the assessment for the readiness of ascension. 
In this text, you will not receive spells, sigils, or magic.  You will however be given a full set of rules and regulations that apply to the soul in the completion of the physical life and life in the next world.  You will also be given a way to fully assess your life and to determine what is likely to happen to you when you leave this world. Understanding how to improve your soul and live a better life in the present is key to ascension and evolution of the soul.  Your present living and soul condition is very similar to what you may expect in the next world. 
You can improve.
The book will also give you advice on how to prepare your soul for ascension and how to evolve beyond the stages of decay and depravity that lead to incarnation in the lower worlds.  The God Thoth has given us an inside look into the rules and regulations that the gods themselves use to assess your life on a daily basis.  With these insights you can ascend and grow more rapidly.
The choice is up to you. 
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    Posted by Unknown on Jan 7th 2019

    best writing for those lightbody training so far

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