The Complete Dragon Calls

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The Complete Dragon Calls


Why do dragon “Gods” exist   the world over? Perhaps the last time the true Creator came here was 100 million years ago, when the dominant species were giant reptiles. Perhaps the best suited or most successful ones were flying pterosaurs, and were enhanced by this Creator to watch over the planet and insure the survival of a truly sentient species, which would become modern man. Perhaps these ‘gods’ are still seen today, and are the sea serpents and lake monsters reported in their hundreds all over the world, and the reason we cannot catch them is because they are smarter than we are.
I believe that the dragons that rule the world still communicate with us.

The God Thoth has the ability to transform into a dragon. I believe he has communicated with me in both of these forms, and many others. He has shown me how to call up the power that connects the. two of us. In those times that I have displayed the ability to do miraculous things this power comes forth in what I now call dragon calls. Dragons have many fantastic abilities. All humans begin life as Dragons. We have gills, we have a tail, and we look more like a dragon then we do humans for a long time.

During times of stress and crisis these abilities come to the surface and allow us to do extraordinary feats. These feats have been documented all over the world. Mothers have lifted cars, grandmothers have fought off wild animals with only a butcher knife, and won the fight. In many countries these abilities are trained into existence through martial arts, meditation, and the ritualistic use of many substances.

The dragon calls are specifically a way for any human to call upon the power of the Dragons. I believe that we all have Dragons who watch over us and follow us. Most of the time these Dragons stay hidden until such time that a human can evolve and recognize their full potential. As such, most humans are sleeping and the Dragons sleep with them waiting for the time to enter into their dreams or even into the physical world around them to guide them and help them toward their highest evolution.

We all have a higher evolution that is hidden from us.

The church, religion in general, politics, business, and academia, have all conspired to keep our dragon natures hidden from us. You now have a way to connect with your dragon nature and to use it to help you evolve. We only use a tiny fraction of our supernatural power because it is hidden within our dragon nature. The dragon part of you has been associated with Satan and other evil entities. This is a fallacy. As such you can use your supernatural power to better your life, make yourself far richer, and to improve your health vastly.

There is an entire area of your brain that is called the reptilian brain. This part of your brain allows you to tap into your supernatural abilities through the dragon calls. The calls are combinations of light, sound, and specific poses which will allow you to use the power of the dragon within you. This power can be frightening as it will cause you to do real supernatural events.

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2 Reviews

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    Dragon Calls!!!

    Posted by brian grabowski on Feb 7th 2023

    Anything created by Master is truly a blessing! Thank you so much!!! This tablet is no exception. Summoning these amazing Dragon beings is something that can only be experienced! To me it's like having Polar Bear as friends that have the wisdom of a Spiritual Masters. Where their power is so intense, I have to take breaks after calling on them. They are very kind and loving beings with infinite intelligence, and after summoning they clean up aspects of your life that cannot be explained or imagined. If you have aspects of your life that are a mess or disarray, they will naturally clean it up somehow. When I approach these tremendous divine creatures, they look at me with Divine love and also like a mighty Polar Bear looking at a miniature penguin. It can be terrifying but refreshing being protected by the ultimate predator where everything is no match and viewed as helpless prey. Thank you so much Father Lord Djanthi Thoth, your creations are awe inspiring Masterpieces that reap Infinite Blessings!!!

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    The Complete Dragon Calls

    Posted by brian grabowski on Jun 19th 2022

    I am stuck in utter amazement of Master's previous creations, then he comes out with the Dragon Calls. If you like the martial arts movies where the main character is unstoppable with power and energy, where they could take on a mountain and the mountain would come in second. Well, the Dragons Calls are for you. Some of the stances are low to moderately difficult on their own. You get in the proper stance, put the dragon's call audio on (the music in itself is excellent!!! You will be humming the music everywhere you go), and repeat the invocation. It is like getting on a rocket on the launch pad, where there is a monstrous amount of energy. Once you are in the seat and push the button, you dont know where you are going but when that energy is released you are certainly going somewhere. While performing them, I was shaking and the energy coming through was like I was on fire getting ready to go into orbit. Very powerful!!! Master kindly provides all these wonderful different types of dragons to work with including Dragon Magi, Dracomancer and many more. I dont have a favorite one because they are like family, being all very unique, wondrous and beautiful creations!!! Thank you Master for this wonderful gift!

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