The Level Six Cleansing Robe

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  • The Level Six Cleansing Robe
  • The Level Six Cleansing Robe


The Level Six Cleansing Robe

We have a number of cleansing products that carry different levels of power and intensity. Audio recordings, medallions, spells holders and amulets of many different kinds have been our mainstay. To date, the Level Five Sigma Cleanse has been our most powerful cleansing recording. We have now raised the bar.

The Spiritual Cleansing Robe represents a great leap in our cleansing technology. The robe itself is made of plush velvet and silk. The design is based on the work of the great 19th century Master Gemito.

Embedded within the robe are a number of proprietary higher energy matrixes that work together and independently to dissolve energy from your aura, body, soul, and mind.

The longer you wear the robe, the more cleansing you receive. You may use the robe as a stand alone cleansing product or combine it with our other cleansing products for even greater effect. 

The cleansing robe is perfect for clearing and cleaning spiritual debris and detritus from the day and adding a silent layer of active defense and protection while you meditate.

This is our most powerful and unique spiritual protection tool to date, an investment in your spiritual future.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson

Price: $2000


Size Chart: 

XXS (32" - 34") 

XS (34" - 36")

S (36" - 38")

M (38" - 40")

L (40" - 42")

XL (42" - 44")

2XL (44" - 47") 

3XL (47" - 50") 

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2 Reviews

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    Level 6 - Cleansing Robe

    Posted by Beth Price on Apr 29th 2022

    After doing the magical energy body report that Tybro also offers, it came back that I had level 6 cleansing (highest)! As you can imagine, I was worried what impacts this could be having on my life and spiritual growth. Me and my partner came across this robe, I wore this robe every evening for 30 days and finally started noticing results in my spiritual journey! I believe this robe has really helped reduce my cleansing level and minimised any blockages it was causing in my spiritual growth. Thank you for creating this

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    Level Six Cleansing Robe

    Posted by Leigh Ann Phillips on Jan 17th 2022

    With this whole Covid situation, i felt inclined to purchase the most powerful cleansing and protection tool that the Masters offer. It has been a godsend. The first time I wore it, one of my cats just walked up to me straight away, sat on my lap and looked straight into my eyes, as if asking, what is this energy? She just sat there and would not move. I feel a sense of relief and joy because i can feel its cleansing effect. I wear this as much as I can. Thank you so much for this powerful, loving tool.

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