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Astrologically Jupiter is associated with the principles of growth, expansion, prosperity and good fortune; and a person's inner sense of justice and morality and their ideals and higher goals. Jupiter governs long distance and foreign travel, higher education, religion and the law. It is also associated with the urge for freedom and exploration, humanitarian and protecting roles, and with gambling and merrymaking or 'joviality'. The first-century poet Manilius described Jupiter as temperate and benign, and the greater benefic. It was regarded as warm and moist in nature, and therefore favorable to life.

In medicine Jupiter is associated with the liver, pituitary gland and the disposition of fats. It also governs the blood. Improving your relationship with the energies of Jupiter in your body could potentially improve the function of your liver, pituitary, and blood circulation. Also, your long distance, foreign travel, higher education, religious energies, and ability to interact with the law in a positive way are influenced by positive Jupiter energy.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


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3 Reviews

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    Sounds of prosperity

    Posted by Esmeralda on Feb 7th 2021

    I love the tones of this audio..I know that it is working on a deep molecular and subconscious level I particularly enjoy the subtle warm vibrations that over flow thru me I am grateful for this gift and will continue to use ASHE

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    Brain Stimulus

    Posted by Bertha Williams on Jun 25th 2019

    I found this product provided me with a mental workout. The sound waves are high in intensity but the soothing subtle peeps throughout the audio peaked my curiosity. I adjusted the volume on my listening device a few times. I would recommend that within an hour, after listening to this recording, that your next listening piece or activity is something you enjoy doing. The effects could be amazing. I also suggest that each time you play the audio you read the product description and set your intention.

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    Great meditations

    Posted by DERREILL REYNOLDS on Jan 22nd 2016

    So far I've had great meditation sessions I get a whole different feeling through my whole body when doing a meditation to this mp3. Looking forward to even more experiences as I use it more.

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