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The Symbols of Power



The Symbols of Power book reveals for the first time the very energy patterns that emanate from the sun which sustain and balance all life and consciousness in the solar system.  These powerful patterns emanate light of many different varieties and are capable of creating miraculous changes in consciousness, diminishing the force of death, aging, illness, anxiety, and other destructive forces which affect our lives.


We possess a body and consciousness in the world of potential.  The body is made of a different type of flesh and bone than that of the physical form, but it is indeed our own.  By disconnecting ourselves from our source of power, we weaken our consciousness and our ability to create.  As a result, we suffer short, anxiety-filled lives full of pain and illusion in the world of physical matter.  This is not the way that we were intended to live.


The Symbols of Power allow us to download a portion of our power from the world of potential into the physical world.  This connection creates energetic circuits of power that gradually increase your creative ability and force.  With this increase comes the heightened ability to change your life, reprogram your body, and alter the forces that shape your existence so that, in time, you live consciously in two worlds: the world of potential and the world of physical matter.


This tandem reality is the way that we were meant to live.  The Fall, as described by many of our religions, is really a description of our disconnection from the world of potential.  Without access to tools like the Symbols of Power, we are totally cut off from the real world.  We live, work, and die in a world that was never meant to be our final home.  However, we forgot how to break the force field that separates us from home.  Today, with this book, you will regain that power, if you choose to do so.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


Price: $2,000.00


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2 Reviews

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    Symbols of Power

    Posted by Omo on Mar 23rd 2022

    An awesome gem of a book; outstanding!

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    Worth every dollar. Aided me helping others more, i manifested more instantly for me and others.

    Posted by Natasha Thompson on Feb 18th 2017

    I love the new knowledge in this amazing book. I love the instant energy, manifestation of my positive thoughts, and blessings to others. I Especially love When I'm doing any of the symbols with the angels. I fill up with so much exotic energy i explode with pleasure, joy and bliss that i cry with the overwhelming feeling of love that i have to let go of the symbol. Amazing words cannot explain the experiences. Since recieving many of products my family and friends lives have changed from us now making over 6 figures a year, we won trip to cabo, mexico, my daughter was choosen out of 250 girl to go to signapore and other parts of asia(she had a blast) , i became a therapist, my family and friends positive wishes are coming true almost instantly, no one is sick or diseased, no one is complaining, i controlled my hoarding, the list goes on. Great read and easy to understand and use. Thanks for sharing this knowledge. Im just amazed. I will keep using the power of the knowledge that tybro has.

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