The Angelus Immortalis Broadcast - Audio Download

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The Angelus Immortalis Broadcast - Audio Download


The Immortalis Broadcast is the energy of consciousness that defines the immortal part of your being.  Human consciousness defines only five percent of who you are. There are parts of you that are immortal.  They live in different domains and realities.  They communicate with you and the other parts of yourself. This communication is constant and occurs even when you are asleep.  The brain’s immortal network is home to the dormant power of the divine in your body. 

The immortal part of your brain is recessive.  The human part of you controls your awareness.  There is a great secret here.  The part of your brain that controls your awareness also controls your mortality. If you can switch this control over to one or more of the higher aspects of your consciousness, you will effectively change your being to that of an immortal. That is the key.  

You become that which controls you. 

Each of us has a powerful divine being that controls most of who we are.  This control is active and guided by the higher regions of your consciousness. You are not able to simply shut down your higher mind and switch over control to other areas. The immortal aspect of you will not enter into conscious control until you demonstrate evolved behavior.

The Angelic portion of the Immortalis broadcast is quite different from the other portions of the broadcast. The Gods, Daemons, Elementals, Dragons, and other important immortal beings within the universe control valuable portions of the broadcast, but they do not create stars.  The power of the angels is different because of this singular ability. 

The Angelus Immortalis Broadcast is composed of three distinct recordings. Each recording is a distinct separate channel of the voices that comprise the broadcast. This broadcast is a catalyst. It allows your brain to gradually work with the power of the Consciousness of the Angels in a meaningful manner. 

Thousands of Immortal Angels have arisen from the Consciousness of The Angelus. Listening to this unique recording will cause the immortal consciousness embedded within your DNA to rise and manifest.

The three recordings add up to two hours of broadcast. The sounds are multidimensional and move across several levels of consciousness. This is unlike anything you are likely to hear in your life. You may use the broadcast with or without the Angelus Tablet.

If you have the Angelus Tablets, the broadcast will amplify and accelerate your work with this and all the other tablets.  If you listen to the broadcast, you will absorb the energy of any tablet within ten feet.  If you do not own a tablet, the energy will slowly work to help you absorb and process the energy from the Immortalis itself.  The process is slower, but it will give those who do not have a tablet to work on their development.  This is a great recording to use while sun gazing.  It will accelerate your work with the Sun.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson



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5 Reviews

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    The Angelus Immortalis Broadcast

    Posted by James Arrington El on Apr 13th 2024

    It's too early to speak on any changes because I haven't gotten to use the audio like I would like to. I will use it often once i get an MP3 Player.

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    Really Amazing

    Posted by David Teng on Nov 29th 2023

    First time I meditated to this, I felt very very specific regions of my brain being targeted. So amazing. All of Tybro's products work. Thank you Master Gibson. After I got a a tablet and some texts, I feel the tablet's energy being absorbed into my body. I suspected the illuminated accelerated texts' energy were also being absorbed because on days I played the audio, the texts seemed to lose its power on those days since we are allowed only ten minutes of scanning each day. I placed the texts more than ten feet away when I played the audio and the texts worked powerfully again. So you might want to place the accelerated texts far from you when playing this audio.

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    Posted by Chris on Jan 12th 2021

    Extraordinary, incredible spiritual tool, the effects it has on my consciousness and energies is hard to describe, but it's immediately felt, I absolutely love it, a must have, gratitude gratitude gratitude!!!!!

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    Posted by LH on Aug 18th 2016

    One of my favorite recordings, I use it while meditating with most tablets. I especially love Angelus 3 when doing solar work. It is a blooming and an awakening in the most beautiful and profound way.

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    Unlike anything I've heard indeed!

    Posted by Rob on Jun 5th 2016

    The recording sounds like the end result of combining all the vibrations from space with some distortion added into three files. I might add these recordings will put you to sleep in MINUTES!! THANK YOU!!

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