The Book of Light - The Light of Prosperity (720p)

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The Book of Light - The Light of Prosperity (720p) 


The Book of Light is the incarnate Light of God. It exists in the holy domain of Ganden. This text is a living breathing tablet of light and it gives power and divine force to the user. The light is very powerful and it has the power to scan itself into your soul. This is the first in a series of living tablets that we will offer from the book of light. Each time you look at the moving light of this text, power will be added to your soul. You may look at the book for as long as you like. After a long and arduous meditation, I figured out how to bring this tablet to life.


Caution....if you do not acquire this video lawfully, the light will offer you no benefit.


Price: 1080P Resolution $1200 

           720P Resolution $599


The higher the resolution, the greater the power.



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1 Review

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    Book of Light - Great Gift indeed

    Posted by Ra-The Light of Ra and KwanYin on Jan 4th 2024

    I am very excited to work with this beautiful gift. Thank you Master for bringing this generous gift for those who choose to avail of this. Bowing at your lotus feet for all that you have shared from the generosity of your heart. I love and appreciate you both.

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