The Jade Emperor

The Jade Emperor Prosperity Tablet of Light and Fire (1080p)

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The Jade Emperor Prosperity Tablet of Light and Fire (1080p)


The Jade Emperor Tablets that we produce are among our most powerful, most effective, and bestselling products. This tablet is an upgrade for this entire genre of spiritual tools. The original versions of all our tablets exist in the celestial world in a state of light and fire. I have learned to recreate a large portion of this primordial power for this world. The Jade Emperor Prosperity of Light and Fire consists of a series of never-before-seen spells composed of pure light energy, fire energy, matrix energy, and pure primordial force. As you look at the spells, the energy and power of each one form before your eyes.


These spells have more than 100 times the karma enhancing power for the betterment of your prosperity than the paper tablets. This video provides a glimpse into this work. These spells will only work for you if you acquire them lawfully and the gods watch very carefully for those who attempt to steal and use this energy unlawfully. Each spell adds energy to the actus region of your soul and enhances your wealth energy in ways you could never imagine. It is our most powerful wealth energy creation.


Price: $1200

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3 Reviews

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    Best way to connect with his majesty

    Posted by Santhip K on Jun 17th 2022

    I cannot express my gratitude enough for the Jade Emperor video tablet. Like all other Jade emperor tablets and products, this video tablet paid for itself within a week. I got more orders than expected with my work. Usually with other tablets in book form you had to carry them with you. The convenience factor of watching the video over your computer cannot be stated enough. However with the video tablet it is more stunning to actually see those glyphs and celestial scripts come alive through fire. I have been working with this one for sometime now, and my finances have been growing steadily. This is one of the best ways to connect with his Majesty's energy. I cannot thank Master enough for this video tablet. I do hope other video tablets for other gods of light are offered in the future and others do pick up on this gem. Thank you Master

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    Great Investment

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 15th 2021

    Worked with this video tablet for about 2 weeks so far and I have received a $7k Unexpected increase in salary at my job. It paid for itself. Great Investment. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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    Super POWERFUL

    Posted by Meira Oralee Atarah on Jun 4th 2021

    I just want to start off saying THANK YOU!! Masters!!! My experience so far and it has not been 3 weeks yet since my purchase, people are coming up to me talking to me and after they talk to me, they ask me what's my cashapp name. They tell me out of respect of my time and energy they would like to pay their honor and appreciations. My business has attracted lots of new clients just from word of mouth. And one lady looked at me and said to me, that I dont have to want for nothing I'm well taken care of out of no where, lol. Just so many upgrades in how wealth has been flowing into my life effortlessly has really being a Blessing and is Blessings on Blessings. I Love You and Your work You both do to help evolve the souls of light that are here and ready!!! Thank You in Gratitude, Love Meira

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