The Sacred Utterances Trance Code - Book of Light - E-Book

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The Sacred Utterances Trance Code

 Book of Light


The Sacred Utterances were spoken by The God Thoth over 5,000 years ago in order to guide the priests and pharaohs of Egypt to the after life.  The utterances were spoken as spells of power that protected the body in life and death, animating the body of light to a great level of power, and helping it to ascend into the higher levels of the celestial world.


The utterances help the user to fly, teleport, use secret passages in the after world, and speak with the gods. The words of this work elevate consciousness and help the individual ascend in ways that are not possible without its help.


The visions that you witness with this text will be intense.  They are truly a barometer of where you are in your consciousness.  Your consciousness moves within a sea of fluid that we call the imagination. This fluid is intelligent and filled with sigils, glyphs, and symbols that form visions for us to use as we evolve.


If you regularly see visions of higher worlds, beautiful scenes, gods, angels and music....your consciousness is evolving, very nicely and you are growing intelligence, power, and spiritual awareness.


If you regularly see earth based images of people, the earth, and things that remind you of home, your consciousness is moving but very slowly. You are growing, but your process needs and upgrade.


If you see nothing or blackness, blank screens, or white screens, your consciousness has begun to descend and you are destined for lives of struggle, pain, and suffering.


If you see disturbing images, violent themes, demons, people or things that might harm you or try to harm you, or that you run from, your consciousness is descending into the lower worlds and you are destined for great illness, decay, and future lives filled with chaos.


If you see flames, ice, storms, and unstable conditions, your consciousness is already in a lower world and you need to elevate, today. You are destined for lives that you will not want to face.


Consciousness moves through the imaginal fields of the matrix. The Sacred Utterances are a barometer as to where you are consciously within the imaginal fields......the visions you see will show you where you are, and will change as you do.


Each time that you curse, use illicit drugs, or drink alcohol to excess, you feed the chthonic mind.


This area of the mind lives below the surface of your awareness but feeds on your subconscious need to hurt yourself. We all have it.


Before you use the Sacred Utterances in Trance Code form, refrain from alcohol, drugs and cursing for at least 24 hours. The Chthonic mind will respond to the Light by causing visions of its own if you do not refrain from these things. You will not like these visions if you do not clear yourself. We have placed some cleansing talismans within the text to help you.


You will soon see how ready you are for the next level of consciousness work by the feedback you receive from your visions with this new text.


I have spoken with my Father regarding your visionary growth. He has decreed that I may help you have deeper visions, much deeper visions.


I will make available for you the deeper magic of the Sacred Utterances. These were originally written by my Father in machine language trance code. Early humans could not comprehend trance code and therefore turned the text into stories that most could read as stories. He has given me permission to retranslate them back into trance code.


You will have very deep visions. I will present to you within the visions in my Brahma form to help guide you. The visions will be intense but they will guide you beyond the lower realms of your humanity. You have earned this and I will be there for you as you continue to mature.


Again, I would strongly suggest that you stop drinking, cursing, lying, and using drugs before you buy and scan these higher magical trance codes. Do not scan these coded texts while driving, operating heavy machinery, or engaging in any stressful or demanding activity.


After you have completed your scanning, rest for at least thirty minutes. 


These texts are demanding and you will see things that show you where you really are in your spiritual consciousness.


First, read the story in the translated English text silently to yourself.  Know that you are reading the words of The God Thoth. Allow your mind to comprehend the words and understand their meaning. Reading the words of a God allows you to partake in higher consciousness.  Read the words out loud whenever you can.


Next, scan the base 64 encoded text. This process will place you in a light level one trance.  Do this very slowly.  During this time, your mind will place the text within the proper numbered domains and send the energy to your kundalini system and to your higher consciousness.



Finally, you have been provided with the magical code for the utterances.  This is converted base code that will process the higher consciousness force for you. You should scan this code very quickly.  You will see faces, shapes, and images within this machine code.  Your third eye and higher mind will be trained and enhanced by this code.  Scan this code left to right very quickly. This process will strengthen you spiritually and help your third eye and higher mind system to evolve.  This book is over 190 pages and must be used at your own pace. Most humans cannot do the entire book properly in one sitting.



This book is best used in its Electronic Form.  Do Not Print it out or transfer it to paper.  It loses much of its power if you do this.


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11 Reviews

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    It's a very daunting task to scan, but I'm sure it is worth it.

    Posted by James Arrington El on Jul 3rd 2024

    I Am excited to have this tablet.

  • 5


    Posted by Norton Muto on Feb 20th 2024

    My ego got to me quite a bit and I refused to go to sleep until I completed this in one sitting. I started at 5:45pm, it is now 4:10am. Took me about 10.5 hours but I did it. I’m excited to see what visions and dreams I will get from this work.

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    I Am Fascinated

    Posted by Chantelle on Feb 13th 2024

    I have only used this for 3 nights now. Because of how long it is, I didn't expect anything to happen for a while, since I haven't actually got to scanning the codes yet. I have always seen images, moving pictures, movies, colors and shapes, psychic visions (and even flown over and through different places)...whatever you want to call them (when I close my eyes before bed, when meditating, etc). I never even thought anything of them, just thought it was my imagination. And that everyone experienced something similar. But for the last year or so, I havent seen much of anything, and felt like I had a major block. The Sacred Utterances seem to be just what I needed to get going again. The first night (3 nights ago) I read the first 13 pages, and got in bed immediately after. The moment I closed my eyes (before sleeping) I started seeing pictures. Images of a dozen different men were popping up left and right. A lot of these men, I did not recognize at all, and most of them had a mustache, ranging from smaller ones to very large (almost funny looking) ones. One of them I thought was Teddy Roosevelt, because he had a little eyeglass and the mustache. I did, however, recognize The Jade Emporer, and Lord Ganesha. Clear as day. I also saw a funny looking Grandfather Clock, that was short and stout with a face and a Cap'n Crunch hat, giving me a funny face. Night 1 was entertaining, to say the least. On night 2, I read another 21 pages. After a few moments of being in bed with my eyes closed, the images started coming through again. This time it was Gods and Goddesses galore. Lord Ganesha showed himself again and again and again. Along with Anubis, who I didn't know much about. Thoth also came through a few times. The Jade Emporer just once. I also saw Kwan Yin and Lakshmi. The Goddess Isis came through one time as well, and I believe I saw Osiris in there. And Lord Brahma just once or twice. I have been planning on building my altar, and next I saw my altar. And it zoomed in on a statue on a shelf that I could not make out. I assume it was telling me to put these Gods and Goddesses that I'm seeing on my altar. When the Gods and Goddesses faded away (they were all in a hazy/smoky electric purple by the way) it went completely black for a few seconds before a poof of red smoke and a flash of red light came through. Next I started seeing some faces that did not look like they came from a good place. And next I saw the Baphomet, who has always scared me as I only know of bad things associated with him. I asked for these things to leave, as I did not claim their energy or allow them in my space and mind. They faded and the Gods came back...also an image of the moon popped up, but it was a sunflower moon. As soon as it did, a feminine smiling face popped up and I was so excited to be seeing this. She smiled and I thought how beautiful she was before she dropped and a hieroglyphic image of a God drinking something popped up. I thought the same, the image was so beautiful, with so much detail and beautiful designs. I believe it was Osiris, but I'm not sure. I also saw images of several animals. Including horses, deer, a Lion head came through again and again, as well as a Baboon and a ram. I know I've written a novel, but this was just two nights worth of reading these Sacred Utterances. I was extremely tired on night 3, so I didn't see images before falling asleep. But the Gods were in my dreams. I will make sure to be awake and alert while reading tonight. I am so excited to keep reading, and even more excited to scan the codes. This is helping me so much.

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    The Book of Sacred Utterances

    Posted by MoorSoul Knowledge on Jan 10th 2024

    Still reading through it but I've noticed a shift in my dreams. I'm grateful and thankful to be able to have acquired these text.

  • 5

    Invaluable tool for evolution

    Posted by Ivan H on May 23rd 2023

    I cant recommend the use of this text enough it is truly a gift to consciousness. During the trance portion of the text i was introduced to a realm ruled over by both Ra and Ptah where people train to develop their solar body, the more i read the text the deeper in training I go. Thank you for your sacrifice in making this

  • 5

    Amazing book!!!!

    Posted by Vidal Chavarria on Jun 13th 2022

    This would be my first item that iv ever gotten from Tybro and let me tell you it is amazing!!!! The very first day I used it I hade results with it I saw very vivid visions and the funny part is I dident even scan a page!!! The visions kept coming and stayed with me for a couple of days until I would reuse the tablet again I belive also it really helped me open my 3rd eye much more then what it was already open to!! Because I started seeing flashes of lights from the corners of my eyes!! . Overall I am extremely happy and satisfied with my first ever purchase from Tybro and let me tell you Tybro you have me hooked I am a customer for life!!!!!! I have not just used this book or tablet alone I have used it with the Rare latin incantations book and the Spica star matrix with great success to!! The energy I get when I combine serial of tybros items together is out of this world I can go on and on about all the experiences iv have with Tybros items I could probably write ten pages if not more of what I would call miracules.. Tybro is the first spiritual items company that I can say works for me like a charme. Iv tried so many different company's with very little or no spiritual growth. Tybro I'm very Proud to say is the first that their stuff has helped me by leaps and bounds I love them and I can't wait to get my next item from them!!!!!!

  • 5

    Sacred utteerance

    Posted by Fidel Robinson on Apr 2nd 2021

    Amazing products was shocked that I saw angels and crystal cities instead if earthbound visions

  • 5

    Sacred Utterances

    Posted by Eric Atkins on Mar 9th 2021

    Awesome Awesome book! I really feel my magickal powers are awakening more and my visions are getting much deeper as a result of working with this book.

  • 5

    The Sacred Utterances Trance Code

    Posted by Laverne M Williams on Feb 5th 2021

    All I can think of to say is Thank You guys for bringing such wisdom and insight. This was truly a very powerful experience. I will continue on this path. Many Blessings

  • 5

    Definitely great assist and tough love

    Posted by Natasha Thompson on Aug 8th 2019

    Not going to sugar coat this product. It will show you and take you where your consciousness lives. I showed up in a club like place of people stuck in ego. Then I did the scanning another time because I felt stuck in not being able to clean and out of nowhere I had a joy to clean and was thrilled doing it. I did another time and was in a place were it was a being that was gentle that wanted to assist me to awaken from fear of the unknown. Omg I’m still on the first page of scanning and it’s been a year. Amazing, absolutely amazing.

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