The Celestial Sword of The Holy Archangel Michael (1 Left)

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The Celestial Sword of The Holy Archangel Michael
The Holy Archangel Michael is the most powerful of all the angels in heaven. He is repeatedly depicted as the “great captain,” the leader of the heavenly hosts, and the warrior helping the children of the earth. Early in the history of the Christian church, he came to be regarded as the helper of the church’s armies against the heathen and against the attacks of the Devil. He holds the secret of the mighty “word” by the utterance of which God created heaven and earth and was “the angel who spoke Moses on Mt. Sinai. The numerous representations of Michael in art reflect his character as a warrior: he is shown with a sword and dagger, in combat with or triumphs over a dragon, from the story in the Book of Revelations.
The great sword and dagger are engraved with the word that shatters all evil and protects all who own it from being taken by evil.  Evil cannot exist within 300 feet of this sword.  Michael never allows them to leave his side.  For the first time on earth, we have been granted the blessing of being able to acquire a likeness of these most powerful spiritual artifacts. Each one is handmade from raw materials.  The word of protection from evil is engraved in the Malakim Angelic tongue on each sword. You may perform your regular sword or knife katas with this artifact or you may simply draw power from it by holding it aloft with your right hand.  Simply state the name of the Archangel Michael while holding the sword or dagger and the power will flow forever.  Evil may not exist in the presence of either of these items so do not be surprised if you experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and coughing when you first hold it.  This is a cleansing reaction designed to remove the presence of evil from your aura, mind, and body.  The reaction does not occur in all, but if it does, it will pass in time. We don’t know how long we will be able to offer this item. 
The Celestial Sword and dagger both protect the owner and his/her properties from evil. They also carry the energy and the presence of The Archangel Michael to the owner.  The sword and dagger are handmade from bronze, bone, and other ancient materials. These items are museum quality and will not be in supply for very long.
You don’t need to purchase both the sword and the dagger. They are both powerful and both perform the same function.  Both may be used in ritual or spell work though the sword is obviously 20-30% more powerful than the dagger.
Price - $3500
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