The Divine World Prayer: The Amatsu Norigoto Audio Download

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The Amatsu Norigoto is one of the first spiritual prayers that I learned.  It is a Divine World Prayer.  There are many legends around the genesis of the prayer. The overall origin of the prayer is ancient and obscure, the author or authors are unknown. Its language is archaic, and most modern Japanese cannot comprehend the words. This is comparable to a modern English speaker attempting to understand the original text of the Beowulf epic, which roughly dates to the same time as the Amatsu Norigoto.

The prayer is a prayer of purification and empowerment.  I worked with this prayer extensively when I was in medical practice.  I found that it calmed my clients during relaxation techniques and it also helped them to clear their thoughts before a therapy session.  A number of clients asked me to record the prayer and I complied. 

There are four powerful Divine World Prayers that we work with. 

The Ana B’koack (The Miracle Prayer)

The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic

The Usnisa Vijaya Dharani

The Amatsu Norigoto (The Divine World Prayer0 

All these prayers come from different cultures and background.  They have great spiritual power and purification properties in common.  The Amatsu Norigoto has the ability to: 

Purify an area of spirits

Enliven and empower the energy within the soul of the recipient

Enliven and empower the energy within the soul of the person saying the prayer

Fill the aura with divine energy

Deepen meditations

Expand Consciousness

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10 Reviews

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    Beautiful evolution

    Posted by Deirdre on Apr 11th 2024

    The prayer is absolutely beautiful, and I’m excited to be on my journey to learning it. Thank you for this audio.

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    Divine prayer of the world

    Posted by Steve Edwards on Oct 17th 2023

    This prayer is great , I love how it eases myself and others upon listening to it

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    The Amatsu Norigoto

    Posted by Norton M. on Jul 4th 2023

    Beautiful prayer. I aim to have this prayer memorized soon.

  • 5

    The Amatsu Norigoto

    Posted by Irina S. on Mar 26th 2023

    Thank you so much for this recording! I had to learn this prayer. It had to flow from my being. It soothes me to the core of my being. It is indeed powerful. It is indeed divine. Love and Light!

  • 5


    Posted by Jonathan on Mar 4th 2023

    Thank you very much master! By far this is my favorite audio. I’ve gotten incredible results.

  • 5


    Posted by Anna on Jun 26th 2022

    Absolutely amazing! Whenever I feel negative energy or have an issue, I play this and harmony restores to my environment and Im successful at what I’m doing. Thank you Master Gibson for another beautiful audio.

  • 5

    Clear and calming

    Posted by Beth Price on Jun 17th 2022

    I have heard a lot of versions of many divine prayers all over YouTube, by far Tybro’s versions are the clearest to understand and connect with. Master Gibson speaks the prayer very clearly, and it allowed me to be able to learn this prayer quickly and efficiently - I listen to this prayer throughout the day and recite it to myself daily as well. It gives me a sense of calmness and focus on expanding my consciousness and being present in the moment to not let my thoughts control me and allow my mind to wander. The overall audio is very calming, you could listen to it in the background of a meditation, as you go about your day-to-day tasks or use this to be able to start memorising the prayer. Sometimes I listen to this prayer as I’m going to sleep, and once again it allows me to focus on a higher state of mind and allow me to truly calm from the day I’ve had and relax. The reason i say that, is the background music has clearly had a lot of thought gone into it for variety of sounds Tybro has used to flow and sync together so smoothly, it states as well that learning this prayer allows you to expand your consciousness which is great - these types of audios give you other opportunities to grow your consciousness and continue your evolution. Tybro has several audio downloads on their website, I can’t think of one which I wouldn’t recommend - but this one in particular is my favourite prayer to recite.

  • 5

    Resonates with me

    Posted by Elsie on Mar 17th 2021

    Love hearing this Divine Prayer, it so resonates with me. When I'm not playing this prayer, my mind wanders to it. Much loved and recommended. Thanks much

  • 5

    I aim to learn by heart

    Posted by Samuel B on Jun 9th 2020

    Beautiful and wonderful to listen to during the day or night.

  • 5

    Best Version out there

    Posted by Mojo on May 5th 2017

    This Version of the Divine World Prayer recited by Master Mitchell Gibson is unlike anything i have heard.The tone of his Voice is soothing and one percieves the Power of the Prayer.I recommend it.

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