The Dragon Calls Audio Files

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The Dragon Calls Audio Files 


Dragon calls are specifically a way for any human to call upon the power of the Dragons. I believe that we all have Dragons who watch over us and follow us. Most of the time these Dragons stay hidden until such time that a human can evolve and recognize their full potential. As such, most humans are sleeping and the Dragons sleep with them waiting for the time to enter into their dreams or even into the physical world around them to guide them and help them toward their highest evolution. We all have a higher evolution that is hidden from us.


The God Thoth has the ability to transform into a dragon. I believe he has communicated with me in both of these forms, and many others. He has shown me how to call up the power that connects the. two of us. In those times that I have displayed the ability to do miraculous things this power comes forth in what I now call dragon calls. Dragons have many fantastic abilities. All humans begin life as Dragons. We have gills, we have a tail, and we look more like a dragon then we do humans for a long time.


There is an entire area of your brain that is called the reptilian brain. This part of your brain allows you to tap into your supernatural abilities through the dragon calls. The calls are combinations of light, sound, and specific poses which will allow you to use the power of the dragon within you. This power can be frightening as it will cause you to do real supernatural events.


The Dragon calls audio files contain the music, pronunciation, and vocal intonations of 35 dragon calls that will be provided on a flash drive. For the first time in history, you will be able to use the same dragon calls that the Ancient Masters used to work with and summon dragon energy. 



Preview Two of the Dragon Calls Below...


The Call of the Dragon Monophorus Gyjax


The Call of the Dragon Triplus




Included audio calls:




Let There Be A Castle

Let There Be A Sword

Let There Be Food

Let There Be Light

Let There Be Wine

The First Dracomancer Call

The Call of Sambhiad Esem Healing Dragon of The East

The Call of The Dragon Biphax

The Call of The Dragon Dhaxer The Dragon of The Sun

The Call of The Dragon Eponyx Sestem The Dragon of The Twilight Sky

The Call of The Dragon Eponyx The Celestial Dragon of The Night Sky

The Call of The Dragon Eponyx The Red The Celestial Dragon of The Midday Sky

The Call of The Dragon Kunsr to speak any language

The Call of The Dragon Monophorus Gyjax Two

The Call of The Dragon Phaxn of earth for the regeneration of youth and vitality

The Call of The Dragon Pinteranhr for a great singing voice

The Call of The Dragon Sambhiad Eser Healing Dragon of The North

The Call of The Dragon Sambhiad Eset Healing Dragon of The West

The Call of The Dragon Sambhiad Ested Healing Dragon of The South

The Call of The Dragon Tongiakrakhr creating gentle rain

The Call of The Dragon Trimyr

The Call of The Dragon Triplus

The Call of The Great Dragon Desire

The Call of The Great Dragon Morning

The Call of The Great Dragon Sea of Nights

The Dragon Call of Minorphis The Estakh

The Dragon Eponyx Rex The Celestial Dragon of The Morning Sky

The Dragon Mistif Partial Immortality For Children

The Dragon Mistif Partial Immortality For Men

The Dragon Mistif Partial Immortality For Women

The Dragon Shiun-Sunhr for teleportation

The Fourth Call of The Dracomancer

The Great Protector Call of The Dragon Kxyl

The Second Dracomancer Call

The Third Dracomancer Call



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