The First Manifestation Audio Download

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The First Manifestation Audio Download


The First Manifestation recording materialized directly onto my computer, without the use of any intervening recording apparatus. I saw it with my own eyes and to this day I still do not believe it. Every time I play it, I still get the willies. So much for the great inner scientist.


When you hear the recording for the first time you will be struck by several facts. One, it is incredibly complex. A composition such as this would take an earthbound musician months to write. That is, if they could write it. Second, its effect on the consciousness is unerring. Listening to this recording changes a person. That is the only way I can put it. You will have to see for yourself to fully understand what I mean. Third, the experience of listening to something that appeared out of nowhere is intensely supernatural. Take that inner scientist!


This recording is the first of a series of more than 20 products based on the technology revealed to me by Djehuti. I hope you will enjoy it. I proudly present to you, The First Manifestation.


Price: $19.95


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


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4 Reviews

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    Posted by Norton Muto on Jun 10th 2023

    I don’t know what to really make of this audio but I can honestly say that I had a BLAST listening to this or the 1st time, and really each time. It’s only 20 minutes long, it seems to go by quick, but I’m sure it’s more than enough time. The product description make me jump on this audio and I really like it. I don’t use it daily as I already have quite a few things daily habits already but I play it time to time.

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    This Audio WILL Change You

    Posted by R. Coates on Oct 2nd 2022

    Within the first few minutes of listening to this audio I immediately recognized a change in my thoughts. I was writing out a few things while listening and I had to stop. The ego thinking was suppressed and my mind was clear as if I was in meditation. My heart and solar plexus chakras were at "Attention" and I was tuned into to how the audio was progressing. The audio description was 100% correct in stating listening to this audio will change you. I wish I could say more about but I'm still processing what happened. Bottom line.. purchase the audio and experience it for yourself. Much thanks and gratitude to the Masters for sharing this with us.

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    Please Listen To Your Messages

    Posted by Meira Oralee Atarah on Nov 16th 2019

    Peace & Love ~Every time I listen to this audio it grabs my attention,these SOUNDS are supernatural, they speak to me. I literally hear words and full sentences, I hear messages within the sounds. I hear the sounds talking, clearly, they want me to hear the messages. The sounds, when played, gives me a different messages when needed. I feel these messages are coming form higher beings, Gods and or my higher yourself. These sounds are from the celestial world, and it all makes sense, "The First Manifestation" these sounds manifest what the higher beings needed me to hear. They knew/ know where I'm at in consciousness and they told me what I needed to hear and what to do regarding what I was feeling and where I was at in that moment and moving forward. A direct message from the higher worlds manifesting through these divine sounds is breathtaking. I am humbly blessed. Thank you higher beings, Gods and Masters for this Manifestation of Divine Sounds with Words Of Power that speaks Directly to the listener, Those who has ears will hear the True Messages of Divine Light. Peace & Love

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    Willies or not, this is Magick.

    Posted by David Williams on Apr 3rd 2017

    I still can't get pass the write-up on how this materialized for the Master. Great product! I us the recording to meditate with and perform rituals. I enjoy the brainwave state (alpha/theta) it puts me in. I can feel the energy dance from one state to another. I highly recommend it. Blessings to the Masters.

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