The Gods of Light Energy Pendulum

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The Gods of Light Energy Pendulum
On the fourth day of creation, God created two lights to rule the sky.  One great light to rule the day and a lesser light to rule the night.  These lights are the true source of the light that guides us through time and space.  The greater light of the day is in truth an amalgamation of power derived from the Gods of the Greater Light.  Each of these Gods is the source for a specific amount of daylight that bathes our world.  This light is rich with healing power, magical force, interdimensional currents, and divine threads that connect us to the gods of light. 
The Gods of Light energy pendulum is designed to connect you to the power of all the gods of light.  The proprietary design of the pendulum allows it to absorb light energy from a candle, flashlight, the sun, lasers, and even the stars.  Specific incantations included in the instructions are required for this charging process.  This pendulum uses this stored energy to grant you energy from the greater sun and the gods of light.
Other incantations provided with the pendulum allow you to treat yourself and your ancestors in up to six dimensions of reality. You may treat and heal past life trauma, illness, free yourself and others from hell domains, evolve and energize your lower and higher bodies, cut undesirable energy cords, remove demons, and energy parasites, and add the energy of the gods of light to your soul.  You may also set up future life energy forms that you may benefit from with this pendulum.  This pendulum is also excellent for treating the dream body. Instructions for use are included with this pendulum.  This item is large and heavy and a large gold plated chain is provided.  Do not get this item wet, do not wear it against your skin, do not wash it, and do not allow others to wear it. The pendulum works well on its own but its power is greatly amplified when you use it with Solar Tablet, The Gods of Light Tablet, Aotava, Manus Dei, The Celestial Gods Divine Spell Series - The Jade Emperor.  
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    Miraculous Pendulum

    Posted by Jaya Rani on Nov 19th 2020

    The best thing I like about these new pendulums is that they are quite intelligent and work on their own once the intention is set. I found this one to be quite different from the healing pendulum that I have. It is really good in removing deposits of negativity and entities for me. I am very happy, grateful and honored to have this advanced pendulum.