The Healing Spell Energy Battery

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Expected release date is Jul 13th 2020

Product Overview

The Healing Spell Energy Battery
*The Energy Pendulum Package is available through June 30, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST.
Individual Pendulums are available through 2020* 
This extremely powerful and versatile spiritual energy pendulum stores and amplifies the energy of any healing spell.  It draws and transmits energy from eleven dimensions of reality.  This battery draws energy from the largest known star in our reality, UY Scuti, a huge supergiant with a radius 1700 times that of our sun.  This star exists in many dimensions of our reality and the battery draws energy from the star, transmits it to your energy form, and uses it to empower a number of magical and spiritual processes in your successive forms. 
When used with the proper incantations, provided with the battery, you may store and transmit the power of up to 100 different healings spells to yourself or others at one time.  When laid upon the sigil of a healing spell, the battery may also greatly amplify the power of the spell.  This battery draws power from a supergiant star when in use and thus spares your body from being drained during healing work.  The aura of the battery also protects the healer from attack, drainage by energy parasites, and demonic forces.  The battery is also an excellent source of power for working on difficult chronic spiritual and magical conditions.  This battery is large and heavy and should not be shared with others.  Do not get it wet, wash it, or lie it on your skin.  The battery works well on its own but its power is greatly amplified when you use it with Rare Latin Incantations, Deep Magic, Healing Spells, and Accelerated Healing. 
The battery combines and accelerates the incantations, sigils, and spells within these texts and raises your healing power.  The more you use the battery, the stronger you will become. The limits are only defined by how much you wish to grow.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review