The Invocation of Heaven

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The Invocation of Heaven
Deep within the consciousness of every living human dwells a multitude of domain. Some of these domains are pleasant, heavenly, and wonderful. These domains create the energy and reality of our best lives.  Most of the time, the human mind dwells on negative thoughts and domains.  The Invocation of Heaven is a poem written over 3000 years ago by the God Orpheus. It invokes from within the human mind a state of energy and awareness that allows the consciousness of heaven, order, and beauty to more easily manifest in one’s life. 
The poem was meant to be recited or sung in the key of B. We have provided a beautiful piano nocturne that invokes powerful magical energies in the key of B flat minor, one of the greatest magically active keys in our universe.  Listening to this poem combined with its pairing with the magical key of B will help your consciousness move away from chaos, doubt, fear, and the blocks of negativity that tend to hold all of us back.  Use this magical invocation when you need a lift from darkness, doubt, and fear. In time, with regular use, you can learn to allow the energy of heaven to come into your life with the use of this product.
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10 Reviews

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    Listening to this as I workout

    Posted by Nate Oney on Apr 20th 2024

    I’m a big believer in fitness and keeping the body strong. I love bodybuilding because I see the beauty of Art in it. When I listen to this while lifting weights profound connections with my muscles and body arise and I just feel so overwhelmed with joy and bliss.

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    Posted by Nate Oney on Apr 18th 2024

    I love to listen to this at work. The poem, the music…just wow. In regards to spiritual enlightenment, the music definitely helps raise your consciousness.

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    Play this the background

    Posted by David Teng on Jan 28th 2024

    After I saw the description for the celestial domain radiator, I bought this audio. I play this in the background almost all the time. Your mood just naturally become happy and peaceful when it's playing.

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    Posted by Melissa on May 13th 2023

    This audio takes you to a safe place. I’ve been playing this at night as I sleep. To bring the energy of Heaven in your field and midst is a true inspiration. I wake up feeling lifted. Thank you Masters. Looking forward to playing this often!

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    Complete work of Art

    Posted by Patrice Ferguson on Jun 17th 2022

    I have several of Tybro's Audio's and usually have them playing continuously in the background at my home and sometimes at work. The Invocation of Heaven Orpheus really stood to me for its one of the most beautiful musical arrangement I have every heard in my life. Something about this invocation felt very familiar to me as if the notes are telling a story and communicating a message that only my higher self understands. The keys of the piano tells a story that is truly magical as its expressive forms takes you in a bliss-full state that can lift the darkness and anxiety of any mood. The classical piano"s sweet melody always brings peace and serenity to my soul. A moment of pure bliss that banishes anxiety and shines the light of heaven in my heart. I use the audio when Im working in the office, doing chores or listening while going to sleep. It's helps to free your mind, tune out distractions and replaces with the loving energies of a higher frequency. Such a great gift to the universe I would recommend this classical piece to everyone to listen as much as you can every day. I am so grateful for the masters in my life and for their continued guidance and love. Thank you giving us tools to break through the prison of our consciousness and thank you for bringing this powerful masterpiece to us for the Invocation of Heaven is so extraordinary beautiful and deep it transcends music itself. Together we Rise!

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    Protection Tool

    Posted by Invocation of Heaven on Mar 5th 2022

    Master Gibson has given us another gift of a beautiful protection tool. The world has been in turmoil for awhile and we can’t do enough to protect ourselves and the spaces we occupy. I play this in the background when I am at work and at home. You can feel the change in the space when it is playing. My clients can feel it too but they just focus on the beautiful classical piano. My focus is on the prayer and I feel the immense calm it brings. So many tools to help us and so different but equally powerful. Thank you Master for giving us more protection and packaging it in a stunning recording.

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    Heaven Invocation

    Posted by Olivia Adanna Chiamaka on Jan 29th 2022

    This is truly amazing! Not only does it calm me, it has really amplified my connection with the Angels and Dragons as well as helping me grow spiritually Highly recommended

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    invocation of heaven

    Posted by LARRY TURNER on Oct 11th 2020

    I love this invocation, using it 3 to 5 am with the 72 names of God, and the 87th book of power.

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    Posted by Unknown on Feb 14th 2019

    Love this recording. I put it on as I fall asleep sometimes. It's a beautiful invocation and I highly recommend it to everyone!

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    Posted by Tshatiqua Farrar-Baddal on Oct 20th 2018

    This recording fills our home with the Sound of Possibility! Our Hearts Swell with the Currents of Bliss & Love - the Riches of Existence. We loop it for hours at a time. Thanks for another audio Masterpiece!

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