The Invocation of the Dragon Feldrakan - Audio Download

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The Invocation of the Dragon Feldrakan - Audio Download 


The Dragon Feldrakan lived in the country of Putrashan, near what is now modern Iraq. He lived for more than 15,000 years and was renowned for his ability to create objects of power with a single thought. Mages from all over the world came to him and gave him huge sums of gold for a single ring or amulet. Feldrakan loved gold and he often exacted such large sums of gold for his objects that only the wealthiest nobles and wizards even dared approach him. Feldrakan often traded stories with the wizards that visited him and over the centuries, he learned the secret of bodily transformation. He transformed himself into light and abandoned his spiritual treasures after burying them in a mountain. A number of wizards have searched for his hoard and a few have found items Feldrakan left behind to tease the curious.  


The Dragon Feldrakan is one of the most famous of all the celestial immortals. He is more powerful than all our superheroes combined. He is a protector of earth and is one of the wisest beings in the universe. He has the ability to appear in dreams and take human form. The Invocation of the Dragon Feldrakan works to summon his eminent being. Listen to the invocation while sleeping, or during meditation. The audio helps for Feldrakan to appear in dreams, visions, or even physical manifestation. Call upon the power of the dragon for protection from evil, increased life span, and greatly enhanced healing powers. 


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5 Reviews

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    Posted by Lisa Holland on Aug 1st 2023

    The dreams are literally out of this world! Master's vocals are extremely powerful..then theres the beats...Full body chills...ya just gotta get this audio and see for yourself! 10/10

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    Financial Help plus much more

    Posted by E. Aubert on Jul 12th 2023

    Testimonies; Living a trauma filled life, I started searching and seeking solutions for help and answers. It was a lonely journey, than one night I came across a YouTube channel and first I heard this voice and then I sit up at looked at the screen and it was Dr. Gibson. His voice was so soothing and healing. I glued my ears to the tube. Than I visited the Website and everything else is history. I started with the Miracle Prayer and this prayer which I say daily was and is my spiritual therapy healing for life. One of the E-books I purchase was the chronicles of the Dragon Feldrakan. Volume I and II, this book triggered me in so many ways. I gained courage and confidence to take charge of my life and learn how to call back my power. Another tool I used when I was in so much pain, I purchased the book 88 I used several years ago . Aging is no fun; my joints were screaming find something to relieve this pain. When I applied the instructions of this book 88, I could get out of bed without join pain. I was so happy and grateful. (I now own the Healing Spell Book) One of my latest tools was the Invocation to the Dragon Feldrakan, He came through!!! I had an SOS for a much need bill, financial help was needed. I was playing the Cd and the money came that same day. I would like to mention one more Profound tool, “Inspiration is within Reach, By Mrs. Kathy Gibson- Master Acharya. Well one early morning I was awaken by spirit and I was lead to read this book. Spirit took me to chapter four and I could honestly hear Master Acharya gentle voice as my eyes follow the words sincerely tears came to my eyes so much of love expressed to me beautiful triggers of inspirations’. I have and still am receiving so so many Spiritual, Mental and Physical Blessing and healings two many to mention at this time. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you MASTERS

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    What a special dragon to experience

    Posted by SamuEL on Oct 15th 2022

    When I play this invocation alone, he speaks to me.

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    A sure connection with one of the wisest and Mighty being of this Universe. You will remember the Strengths Within yoj that you might,have forgotten. Feldrakan makes me humble to tears with his rebellious courage in the name of Light. Such a Powerful

    Posted by Martina on Aug 21st 2022

    I want to take the time, Master...To express gratitude for reconnecting me with Feldrakan... I purchased the invocation and I look forward to working with him more. I was just thinking to myself how grateful I am for knowing that He exists and tears of grace fall from my eyes. I realise how much of my character I see in Feldrakan. I was always one that loved to remove obstacles of any kind. I see how rebellious and courages he was and is in the name of Light as I read the stories and he just makes me humble to tears. He is one of my higher selves I Feel that. I cannot Thank You enough for the knowledge of our grand superbeing, Feldrakan. Just...Thank you thank you thank you sincerely. So Mighty He Is. I encourage everyone to turn to Feldrakan and learn about him to work with him... We need him very much at this time. This is a random pic from internet. But I imagine him like that...One of the wisest beings in this Universe he is. I love that and everything about him and You Master. Thank You my Beloveds. I bow in tears of gratitude ❤

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    Dragon Feldrakan is amazing

    Posted by Rajkaur Mangat on Jun 2nd 2022

    Thank you Master, Thank you Dragon Saint Feldrakan for making this beautiful audio available for purchase. I wore my Feldrakan bracelet and started working with the beautiful Tablet Regnus Sancti Dracorum and as I worked with the spells, I felt calm and for first time tears rolled from my eyes. It is beyond words to describe the generosity of Master and Saint Feldrakan to share this treasure. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I am looking forward to working with the Chronicles of Feldrakan same way. Also definitely getting the exclusive e-book Dragon Feldrakan ascension book.

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